Essays on Knowledge Management of the Telecommunication Industry Case Study

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The paper "Knowledge Management of the Telecommunication Industry" is a perfect example of a case study on business. The company is a telecommunication company that is operating in the US. The company is facing a lot of trouble because it is not able to meet the demand and supply of the market. The US is accepting third-generation products while they are still sitting with second-generation products. This makes the product useless. The company also invested in satellite cell phones which has design and cost issues. Again the company is not the market leader in semiconductors.

This report will take a look at accounting, economic, management, marketing, and finance. Each Functional Area The company is known as a famous microelectronics and Telecommunications Company in the world. This is the first time when President of the company has been hired externally by this company. The company now faces a critical situation because it is on brink of bankruptcy. There are a number of reasons for the company to be in this situation. The company has undergone a major joint venture for product and service development.

The product and services developed are satellite cellular and satellite network. But during the expansion plan, the company made a lot of mistakes and took an unnecessary risk in each of its functional areas. This part of the report will discuss the action plan and operational plan facing the company.                           Action Plan The President of the company has to prepare an action plan so that the company can come out of bankruptcy. February 17, the President should announce stock consolidation so as to increase the stock value. February 18, The Company should look at buying back the shares of the company from the existing shareholders. February 19, The Company should try to invest the amount received from stock consolidation and buyback of shares into a new business that is investing into Third generation telecommunication gear.

This will help the company is following the demand of the market. At the same time, the company should enter into a partnership with companies which are expert in semiconductors and design.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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