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Works cited: 21Executive SummaryThe dynamic nature of scientific research calls for the need to adopt a very ideal knowledge management plan. This is the only way forward to attaining excellent research across all benches of research and fostering innovation within our Biotechnology oriented Company. This would at the same time foster the scope of our business operation. Owing to the complexity of the related research, the adoption of an ideal knowledge management plan should be given precedence. This is more so owing to the high rate of turnover among employees within our company.

This indicates that scientific knowledge is being lost. Explicit knowledge is highly needed to help in the daily management of research with tactic knowledge that would ensure that the nuances of ideal research management are learnt within our company. The main purpose of this plan is to identify the right procedure to be followed in the formulation of policies, objectives, procedures and methods so that existing and future employees can be able to understand the system with ease. The focus of the plan would thus be geared at identifying a research model that would be more sophisticated for our future researchers.

At the moment the position of the research director and the assistant director are temporary hire posts which are only but acting positions. A lot of vital knowledge is lost in the process of dissemination from the research director to the various researchers in a hierarchal fashion. Research knowledge is very vital to our company and we all spend a lot of time waiting for this knowledge to get to us as it comes in tiny bites. Knowledge sharing is very vital to our kind of research and we mostly share such knowledge verbally or through mails.

Some times we do hold sessions in order that we may discuss the same knowledge. The plan may take a whole year to be completely implemented and it needs to be revaluated on annual basis. I have also identified an action plan on how the plan would be implemented within this report. The effective implementation of this plan would cost $30,000 with a recurring cost of $ 100,000 for every annual evaluation.

Although the initiation of this plan is held with me, it took a great effort on the research director’s part. It’s thus upon him to see the implementation and subsequent evaluation of the plan. I strongly hope that it would be part of his responsibility to maintain an ideal knowledge management plan. IntroductionCareer development is an aspect that seems to strongly touch on every researcher’s experience at Monsanto Company Limited. A survey conducted by renowned research institutions indicates that the main reason why many scientists are emerging in the Biotechnology industry especially with regard to agricultural Biotechnology is to help in the establishment of food security across the globe.

This is the key mission of agricultural Biotechnlogy and as researchers seek to get good job opportunities, Monsanto is out to develop ideal professional decisions that can be supported by both the insight and knowledge offered by science and technology. The link between the emerging food insecurity and agricultural problems can only be addressed through research which is very important to all the employees within Monsanto. The main purpose of this piece of work is to examine the knowledge management of this company at the moment in an effort to establish any aspects that need to be subsequently improved.

This shall be done in line with identifying a comprehensive knowledge management model that can be adopted in the company for future use. This study thus points to the recommendations, the budget, time table and various parameters to make it more comprehensive.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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