Essays on Knowledge Management and Enterprise Performance Literature review

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The paper “ Knowledge Management and Enterprise Performance” is an impressive example of the literature review on management. Companies and big corporations today are increasingly faced with the dilemma of managing change and innovation within their corporations as these are considered as an integral part of their duties. The manager’ s tasks span from planning, making decisions, leading, and organizing groups of people to work together productively towards achieving clear goals or objectives set by the shareholders (Dixon, 2002). According to Stephens P. Robbins and Mary Coulter (2002a), change is an organizational reality and can be viewed as that part of every manager's job that involves a series of complicated issues as it is all about making alterations in people, structure, and technology.

They view change as being that break in an organization's state and this change is influenced by both external and internal factors. External factors that give that push organization to start change include: Customers have increasingly complex patterns and desires that are pushing companies to constantly seek new ways of meeting their desires. In many cases, these consumer desires are not only affecting the company share price but at the same has a significant effect on shareholders' wealth.

So as to meet these desires, managers too are working day and night with new technology and Research and Development (R& D) budgets are on the increase. With the increased call for environmental awareness, most companies are today fighting to go green. Government regulations have increasingly forced companies to respect the existing legislation and new legislations are being enacted every day to force compliance from companies. This has a great effect on companies as they too have to come up with changes to meet legislation in their various countries and areas of operation. With the world now almost a global village, competition amongst competing companies is on the rise with many having to increase their R& D budgets on technology.

Many companies are fast-moving from their old ways of doing business to the new ways of doing business and increasingly using new technology, such as computers and developing new software (Holsapple C. W, Joshi K. D, 2000).


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