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The paper "Knowledge Management" is a great example of a Management essay.   The roll-out of the National Broadband Network sites has stopped as a result of poor workmanship and flouting of the safety rules. Telstra is the company that is responsible for the project and it had contracted the work to small contractors.   However, the contractor does not have adequate skills to carry out the works hence leading to the poor handling of asbestos which has negative impacts on human health. The contractor does not have knowledge of how to identify the asbestos and treat it.

The workers as well as the members of the public may have been affected due to the poor handling of asbestos. The exposure to asbestos dust may lead to cancer as it is one of the carcinogenic materials. Telstra owns the pits and pipe infrastructure and it is also responsible for ensuring that the infrastructures and the pits are in good condition. NBN Co on the other hand leases the pits and infrastructure from Telstra where its cables are fitted. The problem facing the project has been brought about by the inability of Telstra to be fully involved in the implementation of the works being carried out by the contractors.

  Although Telstra knows how to identify the pits and treat them it does not know where the pits areas it has contracted the work. This was brought about after the company got rid of the technical staff that had adequate knowledge to carry out such activities. The concepts of knowledge management are important in dealing with problems affecting an organization (McDonald, 2005). The problem is therefore related to knowledge management since a gap exists in the technical department of the company.

The paper is therefore an intervention system that is aimed at addressing the problem through the use of knowledge management concepts.     Objective To improve the efficiency of the organization in terms of its technical ability to ensure that every single pit meets the required health and safety standards so as to avoid the negative effects of asbestos. Existing knowledge and solution at the company Telstra which is involved in the project currently has knowledge in terms of identifying and treating asbestos although its technical capacity is limited.

The company had qualified personnel at the technical department who could handle the project effectively. However, the personnel working at the technical department were retrenched by the company as part of the measures to reduce costs.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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