Essays on Knowledge Management Systems Annotated Bibliography

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The paper "Knowledge Management Systems" is a perfect example of management annotated bibliography.   Knowledge management refers to the process by which information in an organization is generated, evaluated, shared and eventually implemented in the running of the organization. It refers to the coordination of all the factors in an organization so as to ensure an increase in productivity resulting in high profits. Companies that are implementing the knowledge management system are enjoying the benefits such as the accessibility of important corporate information. The employees of these companies refer to the knowledge management system when making important organizational decisions. Steyn, C.

and Kahn, M. (2008) “ Towards the development of a knowledge management practices survey for application in knowledge-intensive organizations” , South African Journal of Business Management, vol. 39, nr. 1, 45-53 The bibliography begins with an article by Steyn and Kahn (2008) mainly talks about the perception of employees in regards to knowledge management within an organization. Yang, C. and Chen, L.-C. (2005) “ Can organizational knowledge capabilities affect knowledge sharing behavior” , Journal of Information Science, Vol. 33, Nr. 1, 95-109 The second article by Yang and Chen (2005) deals with the different organizational capabilities displayed by firms that have and those that do not have knowledge management systems. Kim, S.

and Lee, H. (2005) “ Employee Knowledge Sharing- Capabilities in Public and Private Organizations: Does Organizational Context Matter? ” 38th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS); January 5-7th, 2005 The third article by Kim and Lee (2005) compares the private and public firms that utilize knowledge management systems besides the ones in the exemption. Hansen, M. T. (2002) “ Knowledge networks: Explaining effective Knowledge Sharing in Multiunit companies” , Organization Science, Vol. 13, No. 3, May- June 2002, pp.

232-148   The fourth article by Hansen (2002) focuses on the importance of knowledge management systems in ensuring effective knowledge sharing. Chini, T.C. and Ambos, B. (2005) “ Capabilities, cultural distance and the effectiveness of knowledge flows within the MNC” , Academy of Management Proceedings 2005, pp. J1- J6 The last article by Chini and Ambos (2005) focuses on the flow of information both horizontally and vertically.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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