Essays on Kunst 1600 Valve Pump 67 - Target Market, Competitors, Customer Loyalty, SWOT Analysis, and Market Testing Research Paper

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The paper “ Kunst 1600 Valve Pump 67 - Target Market, Competitors, Customer Loyalty, SWOT Analysis, and Market Testing” is a   breathtaking example of a  research paper on marketing. Market research on Kunst 1600 valve pump was carried out by designated research firms. The main areas of interest included the key quantifiable values and price elements tied with the Kunst 1600, additional elements that could not be quantified in monetary terms, assessing the potential market segments for commercialization purposes, and carrying out an analysis on the market segment of choice, customer value statement notwithstanding. Market research findings revealed that the low-end market was the most lucrative with respect to pump 1600.

Further, it revealed that the competing models did not last as long as their manufacturers had projected in addition to high hidden costs associated with them. Kunst vacuum pumps also came to the realization that it was not a common brand on its potential market. It was recommended that Kunst works on its brand name to facilitate penetration into its potential market. Additionally, a recommendation was made to offer top value to the customer with respect to value and cost.

Finally, it was recommended that potential threats be mitigated through strategies like value migration where the firm offers its product at a cheaper price with the aim of winning customersA vacuum pump is a gadget that gets rid of gas molecules from a sealed volume with the aim of leaving a fractional vacuum behind. The Kunst 1600 Dry Piston vacuum pump model, also known as 1600, is a superior pump compared to its competing models. Its superiority is clearly depicted by the properties it holds.

These properties are its horsepower, its speed, and weight (it weighs lighter compared to other conventional pumps). Additionally, it has fewer working parts, its running time is longer compared to other conventional pumps and it is associated with a lot of cost-cutting measures. The cost-cutting measures attributed to the use of this machine by business owners can be translated to imply profitability for the business, which basically is the core objective of virtually every business (Hill, 2002). Incidentally, the 1600 pump has a prolonged useful life in contrast to other vacuum pumps.

Its useful life is estimated to be twice that of other conventional pumps. AnalysisThe underlying problem is that it is a new product in the market that requires aggressive and comprehensive marketing. Kunst Vacuum Pumps, a manufacturer of vacuum pumps, is making attempts to identify and penetrate 1600 in new market segments. The fact that the company has a sound reputation coupled with the impeccable qualities possessed by the 1600 vacuum pump would make it seem easy to penetrate the market segment. Unfortunately, this is not the case; marketing of 1600 by the firm’ s product division is proving to be an uphill task (Haar, 2001).

Difficulties that Kunst Vacuum Pumps Company is experiencing from the marketing of this product are as a result of a number of factors: The target marketKunst Vacuum Pumps, though established, is not well versed with the high-end market. Market research on potential revenue of Vacuum pumps in the United States indicates that 60,000 units of refrigerator repairs are attributed to homes, 40,000 units of refrigerator repairs belong to light commercial, and the number of air conditioners repaired is at an overwhelming 125000 units.

This then can be concluded that the market likely to deliver high returns on 1600 is the low-end market. The challenge here is that the target market is not familiar with the brand name Kunst (Osmonbekov et al, 2009).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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