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The paper 'La Trobe University College Football Club " is a good example of a management case study. The La Trobe University College football club came into existence in 1967. The club has participated in six senior premierships (1969, 1988, 1999, 2009, and 2010) and five reserve premiership. They have also participated in four intervarsity championships. This year the club won gold in Division 2 of AUG on the Gold Coast. The playground of the club is the main oval of the La Trobe University Sports field. It is located in the car park 2a of the University.

However, the ground is not in the required condition but the funding will enable the development of quality ground that will help the club to develop. The club will attract more members if the structure of the ground will be improved (Nicholson & Hoye, 2008).   Through community facility funding program as the funding agency for the development of the football ground for La Trobe University football clubs hence they will be able to hold major tournaments. These tournaments are beneficial to both parties since the funding agency would have attained its aim in the promotion of sports and recreation for the people living in that region.

Other stakeholders like the community around La Trobe University will also benefit from the development of the sports ground since most of them will take part in the construction and use of the football ground for a training exercise and for recreation. Cover letter Executive Director, Sports Recreation Victoria, Department of planning, transport and local infrastructure, GPO Box 2392, Spring Street, Melbourne VIC 3001. RE: Renewal of a football ground Dear sir/madam. La Trobe University Football Club is pleased to present this proposal for your review.

We look forward to partnering with you to provide a quality football ground for the football club. The structure of the football ground is not to the required standard. The field ground has been in use for a long time without replacement, and the players are experiencing difficulty while using the field for their training. The objective of the project is to facilitate training for the players and to enable the university to hold major tournaments. The development of this field ground will be a great step towards achieving the main aims of the club this year.

The field will also benefit the community since they will be using the field for their recreational events. Community talents will be gathered and improved by the University football club. Contribution from members and their savings will also be used as part finances to develop the project. The field ground replacement will require an amount of $ 670,000. The funding will enable the development of the standard structures in the football club. The local government of Victoria has also provided the university with $ 500,000 to be channelled towards the construction of a new ground on the old football ground.

This leaves the club with $ 50,000 to be raised towards the replacement of the old football ground. We appreciate the community facility funding program taking an interest in helping our football club in the replacement of the old playground. You can browse on this website for more information about the La Trobe University football club (www. ltufc. com). You can also contact us through 704-434-350 hotline number.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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