Essays on Marketing Management of La Trobe Universitys Online Master of Management Programme Case Study

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The paper "Marketing Management of La Trobe University’ s Online Master of Management Programme" is an outstanding example of a marketing case study.   Education ranks among the top priority issues for the Australians. Because of this, the country’ s literacy rate stands at 96%, which is among the highest in the world (Aussie Educator 2016). However, the technological advancements witnessed over the last few decades has resulted in the emergence of the Internet that has now made it possible for universities to introduce online learning model that allows students to take their lessons online, wherever they are without necessarily having to be present in class (Online Study Australia 2016).

Because of the increased demand for distance learning mode among Aussies, Australia’ s La Trobe University is one of the universities that have introduced online learning mode to cater for the students that are looking for the flexible learning environment. To make this possible and to benefit from it, the university recently launched the Online Master of Management programme at its Melbourne Campus. This report analyzes the marketing program of La Trobe University’ s online Master of Management programme with a view of understanding its effectiveness. Industry Background Australia’ s education sector has undergone a lot of transformation in the recent past.

In particular, online education has taken shape in the country with a large number of Australians embracing distance learning as their preferred mode of learning (Ross 2014). The growth in online education is catalyzed by internet proliferation as more and more Australians are now connected to the internet in their homes, offices and have portable technologies, such as smartphones, tablets and laptops that enable them to access the internet anywhere they are without any problem and this makes online learning easy for Australians.

A recent study by IBISWorld (2016) found that online education is one of the most thriving industries in Australia that is driven by technology. According to the IBISWorld report, online education generated about $2,254 million in revenue during the 2007/2008 financial year. The revenue generated by Australia’ s online education industry increased to $2,848.4 million in 2009 while the industry’ s gross product was estimated at $1,390 million during the same year (Aussie Educator 2016).

Because more Australians continue to embrace online education, it is projected that the revenue generated by the industry would reach $8,265 million by 2017/2018 (Ross 2014). According to industry analysts, the growth of Australia’ s online education industry has been boosted by the fact that Australian consumers are accepting the concept in large numbers. The IBISWorld (2016) projected that the industry will grow by an average of 9.4% per annum through to 2017/2018 and that the growth would be driven by increased internet availability coupled with the increased availability of diverse online training courses.

Additionally, the growth of the industry is projected to be driven by the fact that online learning provides people with flexibility and convenience something that appeals to most people. Additionally, IBISWorld (2016) study shows that online education is being embraced even by Australians residing in rural areas. As at the end of 2016, the industry had about 23 universities offering online about 207 online courses. Ross (2014) study found that, out of the 207 online courses, 65 of these courses (31%) are taught exclusively online. Additionally, Smith (2015) study discovered that the majority of the online courses (90%) are from the postgraduate level.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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