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The paper "Situational Analysis for La Trobe University" is an outstanding example of a marketing case study.   The higher education situation in various countries is shifting from the traditional physical class to various models that can accommodate the changing lifestyles among different people who would like to increase their competence in various areas, thus become upwardly mobile in their careers. It is no longer feasible to accommodate the bulging numbers in a central point like a campus. Even with satellite campuses, there is still a bigger market that may be tapped from other points like online portals.

This works pretty well with populations that would like to access information, hence knowledge, remotely from websites while carrying out their work duties. This means that full courses can be delivered well online. La Trobe University is among the many universities that offer this opportunity to those who are interested in gaining knowledge in various fields. However, it has competitors from various countries globally and may need to up its game in accordance with the competition in the market. Market research among many other strategies is needed to ensure that the current La Trobe online Master of Management succeeds in attracting the right people. 1.0 Introduction La Trobe University started the online programs, just like many other universities, to maximize on its reach across different markets.

Here, the main target is the working class, upwardly mobile professionals who are looking to increase their competence in various fields. However, there are various other universities within Australia which had already begun offering this service to the prospective market that La Trobe University is also angling to get a slice of.

Melbourne Business School, Chifley Business School and the University of Queensland are just but a few of the universities that already offer a similar if not the same program to the market. In regard to this, it is only befitting that La Trobe University carries out thorough scrutiny of the market while ensuring that all the respective segments are looked into. To carry out effective market research, this paper will focus on carrying out a situational analysis that looks into the market. It will also investigate which market strategies are better when looking to gain from the flaws in strategies of its competitors.

While it is important to cast a general projection of financial benefits that may accrue from the venture, this paper may not focus on that but will give tentative figures where possible. Finally, a number of recommendations will be made towards improving the strategies that are important for La Trobe to achieve its goals as stated in its vision and mission statement. 2.0 Situational Analysis According to Online Study Australia (2016), there are over 10000 foreign students who access Australian Universities online.

This number does not touch on the natives of Australia who opt for online courses since these numbers differ according to university intakes. However, a university like Deakin University marks the number of students taking online courses at 12000. This alone may mean that there is a sizeable chunk of the market that is yet to be explored. Be that as it may, there are several approaches that should be embraced in order to make an impact that will draw a great number within a short time and allow La Trobe to break even in good time.

Besides Deakin University, the University of New England, Edith Cowan University and the University of South Queensland are identified as among the top universities that offer online courses. Generally speaking, technological advancements, coupled with a more aware society is responsible for the growth of online courses. In addition, Vioreanu (2016) contends that growing social classes in the upper echelons of financial standing dictate that more people will seek education to ensure they are knowledgeable in different fields.


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