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Unions are a very important part of the work force. Unions serve the men and woman that work in the United s. The laborers union helps protect those men and women. A labor union can have many different roles. Some roles are to give advice, while other roles help laborers who have been wrongfully treated. The laborers union employees face many challenges looking out for the laborers. On December 1st 2010 The LUINA (Laborers International Union of North America) was ready and willing to flood the U. S. Senate with calls to extend unemployment benefits.

If these benefits were not extended, laborers all across the country would be without any source of income. According to the article in Liuna, “17% of construction workers are without a job”. (Miller2010) With so many laborers without a job, it is important for the government to extend unemployment benefits. For many laborers in America, this is their only source of income. Many of the laborers have chosen to do construction jobs for their career and this is all they know. With no money to provide companies with jobs, the companies cannot provide their employees with a sound pay check.

This makes those on unemployment dependent on the help. If these benefits were not extended, the economy would take an even further hit. More houses would go into foreclosure and people would not be able to afford to but common necessities. The government was forced to consider not extending unemployment benefits because of necessary budget cuts. Budget cuts are necessary for every department but, not in areas that affect people’s lives. In December, it was announced that the government had decided to proceed and allow those on unemployment with an extension of benefits.

This extension would allow those currently about to run out of unemployment, a maximum of 52 more weeks. For many laborers this news was enough to help them sleep better at night. Some may ask if it was really necessary to allow extended benefits. Some also ask what will then happen when the extension runs out. These questions are very important and a solution needs to happen. There are so many living off of these benefits, seeking work and not being able to find it.

Many laborers in states like Michigan have no hope. State budgets are allowing no money to be available for construction projects. With no money to fund projects, these laborers will not be working. A solution to this is to assist the laborers with training in a growing field. Many of the laborers need to go back and seek an education in a different field. This solution is important because if there is not promising work in the future for laborers, something will have to be done.

Liuna has already done many things to help keep laborers on benefits and looking for work. Union members can go to their local office and get set up with a specialist who will help them find a job or choose a different career path. Liuna has also pushed states into seeking federal funding to push new construction jobs. The new jobs will help get laborers working and unemployment rates lowered. It is important for union leaders to do their part and help push for jobs.

These men and woman deserve having their jobs fought for. Unions like Liuna need to keep forcing rules and continue to provide for the laborers around the country. References Miller, D. (2010). Failure to Extend Unemployment Benefits “Shameful, ” LIUNA. LIUNA. Retrieved from http: //www. liunaactionnetwork. org/site/DocServer/Release-UIextension. pdf? docID=641

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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