Essays on Development of the Online Shopping: Case of Woolworth Case Study

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The paper "Development of the Online Shopping: Case of Woolworth" is a perfect example of a case study on business. The world  over the use of the internet has become a reality and it has continued to affect various aspects of human life and perhaps no single issue has been much addressed by the internet more than it has done in promoting and enhancing online shopping according to Nielsen Company report of 2010. According to the report, it has come to the market notice that online internet penetration is directly related to online shopping (Kale 2011).

This is to imply that online shopping is very advanced in developed world economies such as North America, Europe, and the Asian Pacific. Even though it is evident that many buyers still can make a stop-over at various stores to check on the choices, online cannot be underlet since it gives all the convenience the buyer wants. World over, many of the shoppers prefer using the internet to book for travel tickets, magazines, books and concert tickets. This method of buying is preferred because it is convenient and efficient.

The trend is the same in Australia, whereby it’ s estimated that over 62% of the adult buyers who are fond of the internet did buy online in 2011 (Asia Pulse 2011). Online shopping in Australia is becoming widespread with over 67% of the users attribute the increasing use of the internet in the country to convenience and efficiency. Like the global system, in Australia, the products and services purchased online include clothing, books and magazines and travel tickets. Perhaps this is because the process is easier and cost-effective (Varley M 2011). B- What impact has it had on traditional retail and wholesales market The use of the internet to do online shopping has come to integrate the whole global market into one.

This is to means that the internet has allowed for easy overseas buying. The implication of this trend is that competition is going to be tougher as many buyers are in access to various choices from various suppliers and markets. According to Walker Frank in the Tribune Business New of 2010, Australian wholesalers and retailers crying foul following the move by many of the country residents to buy many of the goods and services from foreign companies and manufacturers.

This has been a worrying trend for many of the traditional retailers as they are losing a lot of business worth billions of dollars to the rival global companies. This increased the cost of doing business in the country as many online shoppers continue to enjoy the opportunity presented to them by the internet (Access Economics 2010). C- Provide an overview of your industry, company & its online shopping site In the retailing industry and more especially in the supermarkets, online shopping is yet to gain momentum in the country.

It is estimated that only less than 25% of the total sales to these retail stores are attributed to online shopping.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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