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Introduction The latest population figures for Dunai shows a total of 1,529,792 persons. While the population of the UK is more than 60 million persons. The Dubai fire and rescue service has a total of 8 fire stations, and three more in the construction phase. The UK fire brigade has a total of 150 locations. During the year of 2007, the Civil Defence fire service reported a total of 50 fires per month. In the UK during 2006, there were a total of 159,800 fires. Deaths due to fires in the UK during 2007 was approximately 295 persons.

Unfortunately, there is no panacea which has to date been identified, which can assure a reduction in the incidence of fires. At present fire and rescue services have concerned themselves with disseminating information, mandating procedures and monitoring. Vigilance on behalf of the public towards exercising best practices and common sense, can contribute considerably in stemming the tide. Assess law in UK and how law operates internationally as it applies to fires Duty to take general fire precautions is an element found in the new law, and it can be stated as the focus of all fire services.

The new law has been extended into codifying and making simple, more than seventy pieces of legislation which have applicability to a large majority of the premises in the UK. The law goes as far as to make it compulsory for employers and building owners to take a front line responsibility in assuring that their premises are free of all hazards which might cause the ignition of fires, and in the event of the worst case scenario, that there are adequate and sufficient means of egress, and that everyone is aware, and appropriately informed of the locations, and how they are to be accessed.

The new law places considerably more emphasis on prevention of fires in businesses. One of the new measures which has been implemented is the eradication of fire certificates, which were formerly issued by the UK fire service. The new owner centered regulations now place the responsibility of inspection, squarely into the laps of the individual owners. Particular emphasis has been devoted towards those measures which are essential to reduce the risk of fire on the premises and the risk of the spread of fire on the premises; due consideration and methods must be developed which will assure measures in relation to the means of escape from the building. This strategy is of course a universal precept, and as one means of its adoption has been incorporated into the UK strategum in the evacuation of immobile individuals from high rise fires, through the use of lift elevators.

Lift evacuation strategy has also been adopted and approved in the 492m Shanghai World Financial Centre and 439m Kingkey Finance Centre in China, and in the design of the Shams Abu Dhabi Sky Tower.

This process not only reduces the number of fire fighters to be taken away from extinguishing the fire, but in utilizing this process, coupled with stairway evacuation, it can reduce time of egress by more than thirty percent. The stipulates that management must appoint a responsible person at the location, whose primary responsibility towards fire prevention will be, the conduct of risk assessments, and in the event where this person recognizes possible situations, it will be their duty to identify flaws, and make the changes which are needed to further ensure the safety of everyone. .Additionally, the rank and file employee also has the right to be informed of the risk around them.

It is the duty of the responsible person to also consult with employees on all fire safety related matters. As one can readily discern, these functions are based in common sense safety measures, and are pretty much common place to fire services around the globe.

Another measure which the new law stresses is, giving adequate warning in case of fire on the premises. There must also be a provision of staff training. This is a critical measure because if it is done properly, it can speak volumes in mitigating the affects of the fire. It is critical that the responsible person maintain clear paths of escape, post signs, notices and have emergency lighting available. There must also be mechanisms by which fire can be detected, and the presence of working fire alarm systems, and it is critically important to have an adequate number of working fire extinguishers.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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