Essays on Globalization of Fire Safety Legislation and Its Effects on the Fire Safety Practitioners Coursework

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The paper "Globalization of Fire Safety Legislation and Its Effects on the Fire Safety Practitioners" is a worthy example of coursework on social science. Fire safety practices in buildings are important in guaranteeing the health and safety of the users of the building. Fire safety is provided by complying with fire safety legislation by ensuring fire risks are minimized and the fire safety status of the building is known (Health and safety executives 2007). The fire safety status of a building is determined by carrying out fire risk assessments done by either the safety personnel of the building or the responsible person who is appointed by the owner of the building or business to oversee fire safety risk management.

Fire incidents are brought about by the failure to comply with fire safety legislation (Health and safety executives 2007). This essay assesses fire safety laws in the United Kingdom and how United Kingdom laws affect the efficiency of the fire and rescue service. The essay provides details on the role and responsibilities of fire safety practitioners in addressing various aspects of fire safety legislation, the role of globalization and its legislative consequences on practitioners in the fire and rescue service, and ethical issues that form the framework of fire and rescue service.

The essay concludes by comparing case studies in Lancashire (United Kingdom) with Abu Dhabi emirate (United Arab Emirates) as a function of data presented in table 1. The Lancashire county council Lancashire had a population of 1,451,500 in mid-2007 (Moulding 2008). In 2003, from 20th October to 9th November, the fire and rescue service recorded 3054 incidents and 882 of the fire incidents were as a result of bonfires.

There were no deaths that were observed during that period. The main industries are pharmaceutical and electrical and non-electrical industries. Lancashire has 14 fire stations that respond to fire emergencies. The Abu Dhabi emirate Abu Dhabi emirate had a population of 1.3 million people as per the 2005 population statistic census. Its primary industry is oil and natural gas that accounts for 9% and 5% respectively world output (Oxford business group 2005). From 2002 to 2007, Abu Dhabi experienced 14000 fire incidents that had very high economic costs in terms of destruction of property and loss of lives (Dani 2008).

Abu Dhabi has five fire stations that respond to emergency incidents.


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