Essays on Law, Ethics, and Globalization with Respect to Fire Safety Coursework

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The paper "Law, Ethics, and Globalization with Respect to Fire Safety" is an engrossing example of coursework on social science.   Fire incidents claim the lives of many people and bring about the destruction of property. Fire incidents have been associated with deaths resulting from smoke inhalation due to a lack of cavity barriers that could restrict the spread of flames and smoke. Increased frequency of fire incidents occurs due to compromised fire safety standards that have the potential to stimulate the increase in health care insurance costs. In many instances, insurance firms fail to insure premises due to high risks of fire subject to lack of compliance with fire safety regulations.

This usually follows a fire risk appraisal of the premise by an insurance risk appraiser. On many premises, there is evidence of a lack of emergency plans and practices results in occupants who don’ t understand the direction of escape when a fire occurs. In others premises, travel distances to protected stairwells are long and some lack active and passive fire protection. This essay determines the application of fire safety laws in the UK and modalities in which fire safety laws help to safeguard the health and safety of premise users.

The essay highlights the responsibilities of fire safety practitioners, the consequences of fire safety globalization in helping to update building fire and fire codes in developing nations, and ethical issues that should advise sustainable delivery of fire safety concerns to beneficiaries. The essay concludes by contrasting fire case studies in Bedfordshire core and Abu Dhabi to illustrate fire safety status between the two states. Demographic characteristics of Bedfordshire According to Wikipedia (2008), Bedfordshire has 14 fire stations and recorded 1700 emergency calls (Bedfornh. org, 2005) of which 680 of the calls were fire incidents that resulted in 96 deaths.

Bedfordshire had a population of 381572 according to the 2001 population census (Bedfordshire County 2002). The main industry in Bedfordshire is wool (Table 1).


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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