Essays on Law, Globalisation And Ethics Assignment

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IntroductionThis paper will be assessing the law in England and Wales, and how the law operates internationally as it applies to the fire service sector. It will also analyze the role of globalization in affect ting the legislative and substantive work of those in the fire and rescue service. The paper will further identify how ethical considerations are dealt with in the fire and rescue services. The role of the practitioner in the changing world environment will also be discussed in summary. Fire brigade is either a public or a private organization that provides fire protection for a certain region.

It consists of one or more fire stations and is usually staffed by career firefighters, volunteers or a combination of both (BSI British Standards, 2008). The organizations supports international rescue team through provision of protection, safety and education to the public concerning fire safety. It is also involved in creation of skilled people with the knowledge of performing their duties (Great Britain: H.M. Fire Service Inspectorate, 2006). The firms perform tasks aimed at successfully saving the public from harm, which is inline with supporting the functions of international rescue team.

Since these firms are set in regional areas, they are the first team to arrive at scenes of emergency to provide rescue services to people affected by the disaster. The firms are also involved in research to provide new technologies for helping in rescue missions. The main objective of fire brigades is fighting fires. The UK search and rescue (SAR) teams were involved in life saving work after the earthquake struck Haiti. The first of these teams arrived in Haiti after 48 hours of occurrence of the quake.

The UK search and rescue team was involved searching for survivors of the quake in Port-au-Prince’s collapsed streets (BSI British Standards, 2008). The UK search and rescue team was able to rescue four survivors from rubble in ten days with the aid of two specially trained dogs. UK firms such as Merlin, Handcap international, action against hunger and Oxfam were involved in Haiti provision of various services. UKaid support was involved in distribution of food, improvement of water and sanitation and provision of transitional shelter to survivors of earthquakes.

UK teams were involved in reinforcing humanitarian support to Haiti during the Haiti earthquake. The UK sent an assessment mission to Haiti to support and monitor the cholera outbreak after which resulted from destruction of health facilities by the earthquake. Assessment of law in England and Wales and how the law operates internationally in relation to fire service The fire and rescue act 2004 marked a significant change of the 1947 fire and rescue act. Under the new act, fire authorities have a wide range of statutory duties.

The act spells that the authorities should be involved in promoting fire safety and preparing for fighting fires and in the protection of people and property from fire outbreaks (BSI British Standards, 2008). They are also expected to be involved in rescuing people from road traffic accidents. The act also requires the fire authorities to be involved in other specific emergencies such as terrorist attack or flooding which are set out in the statutory order and could be amended according to future changes in the role of the service. The act also empowers the authorities to participate in activities, which can aid them meet statutory duties.

It also gives the authorities powers for preparing properly for other risks to life and the environment (National Audit Office, 2008). The act also allows the authorities to use their staff and equipments for any other duties they believe to be appropriate. Thus, this new act places prevention and intervention on equal footing and gives the authorities the power to consult with their communities how and where to deploy their resources.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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