Essays on Fire and Rescue Services - Issues of Ethical Consideration Coursework

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The paper "Fire and Rescue Services - Issues of Ethical Consideration " is an outstanding example of management coursework.   This paper entails a report written to the senior management of the company for the fire authority which wants to be part of the fire and rescue services. It has addressed issues concerning fire and risk management, the legislature that are involved and also the effect of globalization on legislation as well as some other substantial work in the area of fire and rescue services. It has also discussed the issues of ethical consideration and how they are dealt with as well as the roles of the practitioners in the changing world of the environment.

It also features some of the environmental responsibilities of the company as far as environmental sustainability is concerned. Fire and rescue services Due to the changes in terms of technologies there must been a rise in the issue of fire outbreak in the last one decade. This means that many of the companies that arte involved in the issue of fire rescue and management are expected to come up with models that are capable of predicting the occurrence of fire accidents as well as proper plans for the management of fire outbreak in an effective and efficient manner.

It should be noted that not all management plans may apply in the case of the United Kingdom as far as the process of dealing with the problem is concerned (Arco, 2009). Two models have been used to predict the occurrence of the fire incidents in the communities. The development of the two models was as a result of increase in the fire and rescue company service provision increase in numbers while the technological environment is changing.

There must been a report filed which explains that there is a need for new investment in terms of new fire stations, equipments as well as technology. The employees are also to be trained on the application of the new technologies. The investment in the buildings and the machinery is also done for to the employees in the form of training. Most of the fire service providers functions through some frameworks laid down by the government meaning they have to meet the laid down targets in terms of efficiency and effectiveness as well as the set indicators.

Some of the risks that are in the increase hence the need for the new system are; local community risks, strategic risks like transport industrial and hospitals. Some of the lifestyles like the rate at which settlements are getting overcrowded as well as the emergence of poorly constructed buildings and with very poor materials like wood have caused the rise in the risk for fire outbreak (Arco, 2009).

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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