Essays on Sales Teams Goal and Sales Territory Assignment

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The paper entitled 'Sales Team’ s Goal and Sales Territory' is a perfect example of a management assignment. The team goal will be focused on sales, which the team is expected to give their best. The time to be spent on the sales exercise will be limited and therefore maximum concentration will be required.   The team goal will be focused on sales, which the team is expected to give their best. The time to be spent on the sales exercise will be limited and therefore maximum concentration will be required. The area of coverage is bigger while the target clients are scarce and require a lot of explanation before they make decisions. Team goals.

Every member is expected to have his mobile phone turned off during the exercise. Group will meet after the exercise daily to share their achievement and any member who has met the required target will be rewarded. The exercise will take one month to accomplish. Out of 100 percent credit cards that we are going to sell, each is will be expected to sell as follows: 10% in the first week, 20% in the second week, 50% in the third week, and 90% in the last week.

The number of credit cards to be sold per day will be decided by an individual. Each member of the team represents the organization, and therefore, should be fully conversant with the organizational culture. This calls for a weekly review of the manual given. Each member will choose the best time to start working which will be between 7 to Remember the best seller will be rewarded accordingly. Individual goals Esme.

Will be expected to collect client’ s views from all the members and compile them for team review each week. She will also handle customer complaints every Wednesday as from Pm in the afternoon. Bella. Will be expected to welcome the guests who visit the Bank every Thursday morning. She will also attend the youth forum in the third week to sell the credit. Jasper. Will be expected to attend the weekend events for the disabled. She will also be responsible for meeting, account opening, and assisting clients to fill their details every Wednesday and Friday afternoon. Jacob.

Will be in charge of the overall team activities, collect sales detailsevery day and hand them in the manager’ s office. Angela. Will be expected to ensure that everybody has enough resources for transport. Carlisle. Will be expected to train a member of staff on the bank products every week. In this case, he will be responsible for selecting the best venue and communicating the best time for such events. Sales Territory: (map)Upper class. In this part of the city, Most of the people are employed and may be willing to have a credit card.

This will be based on their expected and almost assured income. They may also be in a position to pay the interest rates that are associated with this type of service. This card reduces the chances of carrying money from place to place. This will favor this group of clients. The bank is also targeting this part of the city for the marketing of other products. The area is prime and therefore the little time available will enable us to complete the exercise. Women The bank is also targeting women who are available in large numbers across the streets.

According to recent statistics, women have been employed in large at the heart of the city. Women are also likely to buy more goods and pay for more services. Such kinds of transactions may require a credit card. The level of impulse buying in women is also likely to be high. The credit cards will be of great significance for such kind of buying, Credit cards are used in large numbers in this part of the city.

The number of merchants selling women-friendly goods is high and on the increase.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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