Essays on Identifying an E-Commerce Opportunity for Apparel Brands Case Study

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The paper “ Identifying an E-Commerce Opportunity for Apparel Brands”   is a potent example of a case study on e-commerce. The first step, direct sales of Apparel Brands which involves the transaction one. For products such as clothing and footwear, e-commerce can be a very essential mode for selling online although the majority of the goods will need physical delivery. Therefore, a business process required includes marketing, pre-sale advice and support, invoicing and payments and deliveries and returns of Apparel Brands Pty. Furthermore, a website should be created and used for pre-sale activities by manipulating the Internet in order to produce sales.

For instance, email campaigns, as well as online advertising on other websites, should be performed to attract visitors to our website. Target Market for Apparel BrandsThe target market for Apparel Brands Pty is especially the trendy youths who follow lifestyle as a market segment. Therefore, Apparel Brands should base their clothes and footwear selection targeting the young generation who worry more about trends so that they can meet their client's lifestyle needs. This target market is characterized by high disposable income and range between the ages of 16 to 20 years. Setting up a VentureApparel Brands can attempt to acquire a letter of recommendation from larger and successful firms that they have worked with before which can be used as a strong endorsement of their likely success (Krasovska, 2014).

Furthermore, the company can focus on limited partners with an “ emerging managers” program, for instance, setting aside sums of money to support the development of new firms that can be used as potential ventures. Necessary information about the risks possible is also noted before setting up a venture (Krasovska, 2014). Setting up the E-commerce VentureTypically, online customer trades comply with a process that is similar to shopping in the real world (Hamilton, 2001).

They browse through products, select items of choice, place in the shopping cart, proceed with ‘ checkout’ arrange for delivery and finally, pay for the product with their electronic method of choice. Therefore, Apparel Brands’ website can focus on usability as well as elegance. This can be done by creating webpages for the B2B industry and create sales revenues by marketing the website to potential consumers both domestic and international (Hamilton, 2001).

The websites should be custom-tailored using a team of top-notch designers as well as web developers so as to suit the company’ s services. In addition, in terms of payment systems, Apparel Brands should incorporate an online payment system through electronic payment methods. This can be created by storing electronic data in the bank’ s computer system which is transferred through the computer network system as electronic information and payment (Hamilton, 2001). The company can adopt electronic payment systems such as Internet Bank Card Payment Systems, E-Cash Internet Payment Systems, E-Purse Internet Payment Systems, and Electronic Checker Internet Payment Systems.

These kinds of internet payment systems can allow a smooth and reliable way of making payment of a certain Apparel Brands’ product making it easier for their consumers to access and purchase their products (Hamilton, 2001). Furthermore, Apparel Brands can boost their online presence through social networking. Surveys have been carried out and they have indicated that 90 percent of Internet users visit a social networking site every month (Hamilton, 2001). Therefore, Social networking sites such as Facebook and LinkedIn for Apparel Brands can be created in order to reach a wider customer base.

In addition, posting a relevant article about the products offered by Apparel Brands as well as the industry information. These can attract search engine traffic to your site thus more visitors hence attracting a possible customer (Hamilton, 2001). Additionally, communicating with their customers through newsletters as well as blogs would increase the presence of Apparel Brands in the clothing and footwear industry.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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