Essays on Lead And Manage Workplace Relationships in Kuwait Petroleum Company Case Study

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The paper "Lead And Manage Workplace Relationships in Kuwait Petroleum Company " is a great example of a management case study.   Kuwait Petroleum Company supplies oil and gas through its diverse business activities which encompass various aspects such as onshore and offshore, production, transportation and retailing (Kuwait Petroleum Company, n.d. ). Its goal is to become a large player in the global petroleum industry. It has several subsidiaries and therefore should work towards enhancing is a performance in line with international bossiness. In order to achieve this goal, there is an obvious need for the flow of information among all levels of management in the company.

This will eventually, through wide appreciation of communication strategies and process ensure organization addresses issues and ensure that management embrace change. Goal The goal of this communication strategy is to ensure that all staffs have access to all the information within the organization they require enabling them to make informed decisions and maximize production. Objectives All employees to understand KPCs vision, mission, and key organizational developments. All senior management teams embrace the new communication changes, and these decisions are effectively communicated to the staffs. The staff understands and knows their job roles and performance expectations Ensure that cohesiveness is maintained in the organization, and the staffs are aware of what to do. To identify and develop effective channels of communication within the organization which will serve the exchange of information between senior management teams to enhance the coordination mechanism ensuring that the overall communication and visibility goal is successfully reached. Key messages The messages given need to reflect the changes in strategies and processes in managing communication and information flow within the organization.

These key messages have been having identified as: • The company encourages members of staff to share information and cooperate in decision making. • Senior management team embraces the new communication changes to ensure there is cohesion within the organization. Target Audience Senior management The senior management will be crucial in ensuring that the changes in communication strategies are embraced at ease.

The changes in the communication strategies and processes will help them manage communication and information flow between them and the team members to ensure that there is cohesiveness within the organization. The senior management should embrace these changes so that they can be effectively transitioned to other employees.

In other words, they should understand they play a key role in the change transition. Team members The team members should also understand what changes are being made in the communication strategies and process and why. They should also understand the role they suppose to play and how they can input. Involving the team members in implementing change is important so that they can feel that they are valued and viewed as part of the organization. Individual employees The employees should know what the organization is doing to ensure there is an effective flow of information within the organization.

It is important for individual employees to understand the need for change so that they can work towards achieving it. Methods of Communication E-mail Emails on minutes will be distributed to all employees by the senior management. The newsletter will be sent on a monthly basis to all employees rather than sending a single email on everything communicated to make it easier for the staff to recognize the newsletter as being worthy to read. Then an overview of the Board decisions can be provided at the staff meeting.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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