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Concept of the Leader
The paper "Concept of the Leader" is an excellent example of an essay on management. A leader is all in all within a certain group or community. Leadership can be defined in terms of their functions. There are four fundamental functions of leadership, namely planning, staffing, directing, and controlling. The first and foremost objective of leadership is to identify the goal. A leader ought to have a fair understanding of the goal. A leader should have a motto. After the objective has been identified, ...
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Developing Leader.Leadership
The effect of culture on my perspective on leadershipError: Reference source not found ConclusionError: Reference source not found Appendices Error: Reference source not foundBibliography 12IntroductionSelf assessment is to determine what skills and abilities one can continue to improve strengths and what skills and abilities are required to develop opportunities for growth.I was born in Lahore, Pakistan. I am from Muslim family. My father was Army Officer. I spent my living and studying in different ...
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Effective Leader and Organizational Change
The paper “Effective Leader and Organizational Change” is a  sage example of the essay on management. Organizational change will always be part of any company at one time or another. The changes can be due to new strategies or external factors caused by the changes in the global economic scenes. The organizational change may have negative impacts on the organization if it is not handled well. It is for this reason that an effective leader is required to steer the company to success ...
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Team Has Just One Leader
The paper 'Team Has Just One Leader" is a good example of management coursework. The definition of a team means that people come together for the purpose of pooling resources. The pulling of resources together results in the achievement of goals that are shared among the team members where they are all equally accountable. In a team, there is a high interdependence for the purpose of achieving a common goal. There is a deep commitment for the team members to each other for personal development ...
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Organization and Leader Profile
The paper 'Organization and Leader Profile' is a wonderful example of a Management Assignment. Organizational mission basically describes the way in which organizations accomplish their vision. Organizations that do not consider mission development are frequently ineffective (Cavusgil, et al, 2012). Visions integrate future goals. It is important that goals reflect the organization’s culture. Besides the organization’s mission and goals, other factors such as reporting structure, leadership ...
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Nursing As Leader
IntroductionChange in whatever environment is very important because it is one of the inevitable factors. The hospital environment is one of the places where change is very important due to the scientific revolution and innovations that are occurring on daily basis (Julie, 2009). Technology is changing, new strains of diseases are also emerging every day and so there is a need for change (Marquis and Huston, 2008). The nursing department is one of the areas that need creativity in developing the ...
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Develop A Detailed Leader Profile. Select A Leader From Your Work Environment, Describe The Leader
Leadership is a crucial part of the functions of nurse manager. Leadership is the ability to influence workers in groups or individually towards the achievement of organizational goals. Leadership in nursing is the ability of a nurse manager to achieve the goals of organization such as the provision of suitable nursing care through motivation of nursing personnel. Leadership is thus the act of motivating staff towards the achievement of mutual goals. However, Leadership is not a function of management. ...
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Traits of a Good Leader
The paper “Traits of a Good Leader” is a creative variant of the essay on management. Poor leadership is the major problem facing different organizations across the globe, and therefore, as time goes; more emphasis is being put on the need for leadership and the intricacies of efficient ethical leadership. In the current society there are prevailing corruption and chaos and hence there need for effective leaders to deal with these challenges. More organizations are being established while ...
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Becoming a Future Business Leader
The paper "Becoming a Future Business Leader" is an outstanding example of an admission essay on business.Dear Sir/Madam, With this letter, I would hereby like to express my interest in studying at the University of Wisconsin-Madison as a master's student. I completed my high school in Nanjing, China with a major in humanity due to my interest in global history, Chinese and global politics, Marxism philosophy, socialistic economics, and geography. During my time in high school, I discovered ...
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Google as a World Information Technology Leader
The paper “Google as a World Information Technology Leader” is a spectacular variant of the case study on marketing. The global market is gradually developing and new industries are emerging. Among the emerging industries is the global market is the information technology (IT) industry. This industry has many sectors including the internet, online businesses as well as technological appliances. Chang, Chen, Duh, and Li (2011) stated that due to its current and future growth forecasts ...
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Qualities of a Great Leader
The paper 'Qualities of a Great Leader' is a perfect example of a Management Essay. Leadership is a quality that each individual ought to possess. At some point in one’s life, they will have to lead another. The child is led by the parent up to that point when the parent is weak or cannot help himself, does the child step up to the task. Leadership has had its fair share of studies in the past as in the present. Many companies have hired consultants and organized or attended conferences on ...
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Awareness of Self as Leader
The paper 'Awareness of Self as Leader' is a great example of a Management Assignment. Growing into an effective organizational leader is a dream that most employees and employers in modern times possess due to the competitive edge that it possesses. It should be noted that this is a paramount objective to the achievement of critical success as it is guided by the need to execute strategy and engage people using the right approach. Researches carried out on effective leadership across various cultural ...
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Paul's Reasons for Failure as a Leader
The paper "Paul's Reasons for Failure as a Leader" is a great example of a management case study. The world leader has been defined by several scholars but all of them narrow to the simple meaning of a person who can influence other people to follow him, by doing whatever he says. Leadership is defined is thus the ability to influence other people to willingly follow you. Today in every organization, a leader is required to head the organization to achieve objectives and goals set forth by the ...
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Donald Trump as a Good Leader
The paper "Donald Trump as a Good Leader" is an outstanding example of an essay on business. In leadership, a leader should exhibit a number of characteristics. A good leader is one who portrays a set of characteristics that not only enable the individual to perform their leadership function but also relate well with their subjects. Such characteristics include servant leadership, charisma, and social intelligence. A servant leader is one who shares their power with other individuals. Such a leader ...
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Mark Zuckerberg as a Successful Young Leader
The paper 'Mark Zuckerberg as a Successful Young Leader " is a good example of a management case study. Leading others is an abstract quality ina human being. This quality of a man is responsible for the evolution of leadership concepts in the world. In the restricted sense, leadership means to lead the other and to be advance to hold the command of the group of the people. In a broader perspective, leadership means to guide others and to give directions to others. All the leaders of the world work ...
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Leadership- reflection as a team leader
5 December My leadership experience Kouzes and Posner have suggested five practice areas for optimal performance of an individual as a leader, namely modeling the way, inspiring a shared vision, challenging the process, enabling others to act, and encouraging the heart (“Approach”). In this paper, I have reflected upon my leadership experience with respect to these five practice areas. When I reflect upon my experience of leadership, I find that I modeled the way nicely. I established certain principles ...
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How to Be a Successful Leader
The paper "How to Be a Successful Leader" is a wonderful example of a Management Case Study. Leadership involves helping others to achieve more than what they believe is possible. It is all about unlocking potential at the individual, group, company, organizational or national levels (Hughes et al., 2011). Effective leadership avoids telling people what they are expected to do but instead inspiring them to identify their capabilities then helping them to achieve set goals. Some individuals in different ...
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The Role of Leader as a Teacher
The paper "The Role of Leader as a Teacher" is an excellent example of an essay on business. The role of a leader as a teacher does not merely start with the identification of mental models but it involves a more comprehensive assessment of the individual’s strengths and weaknesses for a better understanding of his or her capacity. Mental models are deeply established in people’s minds as they are mostly silently accepted by the people. Leaders by showing the people the new possibilities ...
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Project managment Leader ship
Project Management Leadership Table of Contents Project Management Leadership Table of Contents 2 Discuss how your company manages projects whichspan two or three department? 3 2.Discuss how your company manages the two boss situation when a staff member is reporting to both the project manager and the functional manager. 4 3.As project manager, discuss how you would negotiate with the resource providers for the use of their resources on your project. 5 4.You have been appointed as the project manager ...
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Transformational Leadership and Leader Moral Orientation
The paper "Transformational Leadership and Leader Moral Orientation" is an outstanding example of management coursework. It has been pointed out that recent decades have seen increased attention to the connection between leadership and ethics. This is best epitomized by studies in the past which have made extensive efforts to examine the linkage between moral reasoning and transformational leadership. It has been pointed out that there is some sought of difference in regard to the ethical basics ...
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There are numerous examples of demonstrated leadership, from extracurricular activities, academic achievements, business, and even family. It can be demonstrated in a simple situation such as group project tasks, leaders of a squadron in military combat, and even becoming the president of a nation. You don’t need an important title to become a leader, and neither does the achievement have to be enormous.

An essay may be demanded of you as you are applying to any level of college, or when you’re seeking a scholarship opportunity, or in certain classes such as an MBA class. Leadership essays are self-reflective and are, therefore, always quite important. If writing isn’t your forte, you haven’t thought of yourself as a leader, or if you don’t know how to approach these assignments, we have the perfect solution for you.

We have an impressive collection of free essays, examples, original essays written by our expert writers, ideas that you can modify for your assignment, and other trinkets on this subject. Everything is at your fingertips!

How to Choose Leadership Essay Sample | Know Your Angle

The most important aspect of writing these essays is self-reflection. In this regard self-reflection denotes answering the following questions:

  • When did you demonstrate leadership by creating something, persuading people, or fixing something within a given situation?
  • What type of leader are you, and what are your qualities? Are you a collaborative person, a maverick, thoughtful, charismatic, or quiet?

With this knowledge, you can start creating an outline for your paper. In most cases, you’ll be asked to reference a particular situation and prove how you demonstrated your ability to lead therein. What skills did you rely on? What kind of problems did you solve? How did you go about it?

Also, crucial when writing is that you focus on impact as opposed to just achievement. Your paper should reveal what values motivate you, what your passions are, and how they define the kind of leader you are. You should also be able to mention any other traits that set you apart as a leader.

These are the key elements of a leadership essay and influence the format just as much. For more information on how to approach these essays, download a free leadership essay example from our database. For much more crucial assignments such as scholarship or MBA applications, contact our team to get a custom-made sample that will win the hearts of your readers over.

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There is no shortage of possible topics to write about. Some leadership essay examples that we would recommend include:

  • Team leaders on sports teams.
  • Community service leadership.
  • Helping people in work/personal life succeed and thrive as a leader.
  • Communication/persuasion: convincing your company to do something or go in a different direction from that originally intended. How did the company benefit?
  • Leaders as people who create something that didn’t exist before at work.
  • Describe a recent time when you were able to lead others? What challenges did you face, and how did you overcome them? What did you learn?
  • Instances of leaders overcoming personal adversity.

Again, the end-product depends on its intended application. That’s why we encourage you to get a sample of a short essay on leadership written by one of our professional writers. This will enlighten you on how to approach these essays.

How To Start Your Leadership Essay Introduction

It has already been mentioned that a leadership essay encompasses several things, such as leading style, values, principles, passions, etc. It has also been mentioned that while there are many examples in which you could choose to display your capabilities, it is important to focus on a single event that highlights all these qualities.

Thus, before beginning to write, you need an outline, with the introduction, the main body containing your main points, and the conclusion. In the introduction, your knowledge of the concept of being a leader should be well-defined. You should be guided by the example of others who are considered leaders in our society. In the introduction, you should also mention the specific event in which you exuded these qualities.

Most students don’t know how to how to start a leadership essay because they don’t know from which angle to approach the assignment or which qualities they’d like to emphasize. Once you have a clear picture of what being a leader is and how you fitted that role, the essay creation process becomes fluid, and introducing the situation becomes much easier. You may also need to write about other people as leaders, for example, Nelson Mandela or Mahatma Gandhi. The same approach applies. Introduce the person and point out specific examples where they rose to the occasion.

Getting your leadership essay introduction right will provide the right trajectory for your writing, and will also demonstrate to your reader your confidence in your abilities.

Start Winning! Get Inspiration with Our Samples on Leadership Essay

We have numerous paper samples and winning topic examples which will immediately pique the interest of your reader. We also encourage you to explore deeper into the art of writing these essays by downloading a leadership essay example from our database. This knowledge will guide you on the right approach to handling these assignments. A full essay sample written by our professional writers is an even better option, as you can compare your work with that of a professional side-by-side.

Our sample leadership essays and examples explore topics that are quite important to any scholarship or admissions committee. In them, you will find such subjects as:

  • Motivating yourself or your team after failure or a loss.
  • Situations where you had to be accountable despite fear, and where you had to take responsibility as a team leader.
  • Delivering goals under pressure or working successfully in a dynamic environment.
  • Providing guidance when other people aren’t willing to step up to the plate.
  • Standing your ground in the face of adversity.
  • Working under constraints and delivering to expectation.
  • Leaders serving other people.
  • What qualities set leaders apart.

Remember, you have to elaborate on a concrete situation in which you applied yourself with the above parameters, which means actively providing details of the situation as it occurred.

Reasons to Use Our Leadership Essay Samples | Be Inspired to Write Better

With the leadership essay examples we provide, we aim to motivate and inspire students who are at that critical phase where they need to submit the essay. This could be a life-changing event; therefore, we urge you to only go for the best topics available online. This is what we provide. Furthermore, we have professional writers who have themselves worked on their MBAs and have the requisite knowledge of writing these essays.

Our free samples are dynamic; therefore, they can teach you how to write leadership essays for different situations. We also provide papers on real-life leaders such as Winston Churchill, Lee Kuan Yew, Ronald Reagan, Nelson Mandela, and even Boris Johnson and the qualities that make them distinct.

Our service is tailored to meet your specific needs, with the result being a stellar essay, regardless of what you want to write about.

Get Free Access to Our Huge Database of Leadership Essay Topics

We have thousands of topics and hundreds of written samples outlining the format and writing process. Get access to our database at no cost and start downloading such subjects as:

  • Leadership vs. management.
  • Can leaders be dictator sand still be effective and empathetic? Use a real example.
  • Explore leadership as a mathematical function of its inputs and outputs.
  • The world is on the brink of a Coronavirus pandemic. Explain how China has proved a good leader in managing the crisis.
  • Demonstrate situations where leaders chose to serve their followers.
  • Compare Steve Jobs and Tim Cook’s qualities as leaders.
  • Is being a leader inborn, or is it something that is a trained function?
  • What universal principles guide leaders?
  • Should leaders have full expertise in the daily operations of an organization?

These are just some of the free ideas that you can get access to.

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We tailor our needs to suit yourself. Therefore, you can get access to free topics and downloadable samples from our database.

If you need tailored help, don’t hesitate to contact one of our staff who will guide you through the process of getting a professional writer to work on your paper.

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