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Leadership Affiliation: Provide a summary of what you believe your leadership styleto be and why (1-2 pages). In your summary, provide examples of where you have applied this type of leadership style. I believe that my leadership style is democratic or what is also called participatory leadership. This is where a leader seeks the opinion of all the group members before implementing any decision. They also do not like to jump into decisions but take their time and are seen to be rather cautious. This is the kind of leader I am.

I am an individual who when making a decision no matter major or minor take my time to analyze it to ensure that it is the best one under the circumstances. When involved in a decision affecting the group, I consult them before making the final decision. There was this one time I was a group leader in once course and the group had six other members. I was supposed to choose a research topic that we would tackle for the rest of the semester. This was not an easy decision and instead of just picking it out like the others did, I pondered over all the topics analyzing their pros and cons and eventually I decided that it was a huge decision to make on my own and hence involved the rest of the group members.

They were really grateful and they offered diverse input and this enabled me make the final decision. It was a big deal to make the best decision as it contributed greatly to our final grade. Take the following Leadership Style Quiz to determine which leadership style seems most natural to you According to the test results of the leadership style, the most natural leadership style for me is democratic which ties with what I consider myself to be.

This is based on the fact that I chose the answers that were geared towards participating in group decision making rather than dictating or letting only the group members to make the final decision as this is the kind of person I am. Now take the following Myers & Briggs personality test to determine which personality type fits you best According to the Myers and Briggs personality tests, my personality type is ISFJ-A which is a defender.

This means that I am slightly introverted, have analytical abilities and have people skills that are well developed making me good at social relationships. I am also slightly judgmental but I am welcome to any new ideas and changes. The best analysis is that I enjoy engaging with people and believe in enthusiasm and generosity. On the remaining pages of your paper discuss your test results in the context of your leadership style.

Discuss whether or not the results from the leadership style quiz are what you expected. Also discuss how your leadership style and personality type may and may not be compatible. The test results of the leadership quiz came out as I expected them to. I am not an individual who will make a decision and especially an important one on a hurry or without consulting my fellow team members to get their input as well as involve them in the decision which affects them anyway and this makes a democratic leader.

The personality type was not exactly as I expected even though my expectations were not that far off from the real thing. I expected to be more extroverted based on my social engagements with people but I still got to have the social engagements even though I am a bit of an introvert. I also never considered myself to be generous but again I rarely deny people when they borrow things of pass a person in need that I can assist. My leadership style and personality types are compatible in that it is through my social engagement and easy relation to people that I find it easy to engage them in my decision making as well as making me be an easy candidate for team leadership positions.

My introverted style is what makes me not rush into decisions but rather take time to think about them and making in depth analysis. List three questions that pertain to possible effects that Sustainability or Globalization (pick one) may have on your chosen discipline or area of expertise within Civil and Architectural Engineering.

Try to be as specific as you can. Civil engineering deals with designs and constructions in a bid to develop as well as improve public or private services and facilities that people use on a daily basis. They work closely with architectures that are in charge of building and constructions from their designs and using the latest technology and principles. These two careers combine to handle projects from the design phase to the building until completion. Globalization keeps on changing the phase of designs and constructions as well as the technology they use.

This requires the civil and architectural engineers to work even harder to keep up. The chosen questions will focus on civil construction. 1. How will globalization affect the phase of civil construction? 2. Will the issues currently affecting the civil construction sector such as safety of the site and consultations be affected by the changing phase of globalization? 3. Will the changes on technology in civil construction as a result of globalization have any effect on the financial planning and control in the civil construction field?

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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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