Essays on Role and History of Fire Services in the UAE and UK Case Study

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The paper 'Role and History of Fire Services in the UAE and UK" is a perfect example of a management case study. Fire and rescue services have been a daunting challenge for the fearless natives who spend their lives in fury and dread for the welfare and protection of the people around. The following report deals with the role and history of fire services in the UAE and UK. Organizations can be managed well when the leaders are taken as the role models by the followers, hence how the Leadership and Management work hand in hand is also critically examined in the report. INTRODUCTION In the dynamic world where growth is measured in terms of development, expansion and innovation, rapid changes are imbibed by the fire and rescue services as well, to improve and transform themselves as per the requisites and challenge unnerved by the environment.

The achievements and accomplishments of any organization are backed by effective leadership and synchronized management for this a detailed study of the determinants of effectual leadership would be examined in the report. The structure of fire services and a comparison of services in different countries would help us to analyze the best practices and measures which can be adopted universally for superior results as would be done by comparing the UK and UAE fire services.

To study the impact of management and leadership, the role of GB fire services who are emerging champions in the field of protection will also be highlighted ahead in the report. HISTORICAL DEVELOPMENT OF FIRE SERVICES Since ancient times, people have explored various means to curb the disaster triggered through flames. Changing environment has forced the innovation of contemporary means to deal with the fatal situation. ROLE/ HISTORY OF FIRE SERVICES IN UAE Role of fire services in the UAE has been imperative from the past times till the present day.

The Arabian countries have witnessed a number of fire outrages in the past years resulting in significant property and life loss. The major hindrance in the development of services in UAE is the unawareness among the masses and deficient infrastructural designs. The civil defence services are trying to enforce safety protocol and norms during the pre and post-construction phases of the buildings, yet it is not a legal requirement in the UAE (ArabianBusiness. com staff writer, 2007).

Training and development of employees are now considered crucial for implementing the fire fighting strategies in UAE especially to deal with the terrorism threat and rapid infrastructural development. ROLE /HISTORY OF UK FIRE SERVICES The current day fire fighting in the UK has evolved many years of constant enlargement and enhancement in fire services. In earlier times the only means to curb fire was buckets of water or simple syringes but now latest reliable equipment, special techniques to combat threats and implementation of proper disaster management system have refined and restructured the fire service practices in UK (Fire Services, 2008).

The  UK Fire Service Search and Rescue Team is one of the registered teams with the United Nations, due to its excellent service and meticulous performance standards which include the special Integrated Management Plans. There are 13 UKFSSART teams deployed in the UK which not only cater to National but International calls as well. The incorporation of Fire Services Act since 1947 has been amended to reorganize and update the service operation.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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