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Analysis of leadership styleThere are many styles of leadership which leaders use in their responsibilities. The choice of the leadership style depends with the choice of the leader and also by the people who he or she is leading. In choosing the leadership style to use the leader should be focused in making the organization or company achieve its objectives. He should also choose a leadership style that will create a conducive environment in the work place. This enhances better performance by the employees. James Edward is the director of Maryland general company which deals with car and other machinery sales.

I work in that organization as one of the company's salesmen in the local market. James is responsible of overseeing smooth operation of all the company operations. He handles all the issues which arise in the company. All the coordinators of different programs of the company are answerable to him. There is no decision that can be made in the organization without his approval. His position is very crucial to the success of the company. James employs democratic leadership style in the Company.

He allows all the staffs to participate in decision making of the organization. He is always keen not to make any decision without making consultations with the coordinators and the entire staff of the organization. Many people in the organization have a positive attitude towards his leadership. This is because of the equality among the staff and management that he strives to create and maintain. There is always a balance in the organization when it comes to decision making. The opinions of the staff members count equally with the opinion of the coordinators.

His main principle is collaboration and communication which enhance seeking opinion of others and letting his opinions known (Woods 2005). All this has contributed to a work environment in the organization that the employees feel comfortable. As a result of feeling that their opinions are respected by their director the employees have a lot of commitment in achieving the goals and objectives of the organization. The collaborative and participatory environment that the director has created in the organization results more through solutions to most problems.

This is because any problem that arises in the organization is solved in a collaborative way (Pride & Hughes 2004, p. 151). Therefore, in the organization there is great input in any decision making process despite the fact that it takes a long time to make decisions. There is so much sharing of knowledge among the employees and the director. This process of consultations and feedback result in better and more effective operations in the organization (Mulkeen & Anderson 1994, p. 172). By using this style the director has helped the organization from making deadly mistakes.

This is because the staffs are free with the director and they always share with him whenever they feel that something is going wrong. The director always encourages a free flow of ideas in the organization which enhances creative thinking. Creative thinking is necessary in solving a problem of any nature in the organization. Also by allowing employees to use their ideas and gain credit for them, the director reduces the tension that most employees in many organizations generate with their managers (Mulkeen & Anderson 1994 p.

172). According to annual staff reports the rate of employees turn over has gone low since the director took over the leadership of the organization. James has succeeded in his leadership as he keeps the communication open where the employees are give a chance to put their ideas in an open manner. All the ideas put across are laid out for everybody to examine.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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