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IntroductionThe Australian Business Excellence Awards are awards proliferated within the nation in down under giving outstanding recognitions to organisations in Australia (“Australian Business Excellence Awards” 1). These organisations are known to be distinct in handling business relations and transactions that exceed at par of minimum acceptable standards within the industrial business sectors of the nation (“Australian Business Excellence Awards” 1). The most extensive awards of all time given to Australian business establishments are the set of awards comprised in the Australian Excellence Awards (“Australian Business Excellence Awards” 1).

These awards are given to Australian organisations, that may cover the following: multinational subsidiaries, government departments, agencies or bodies, franchisors, and privately owned organisations (“Australian Business Excellence Awards” 1). The benefits entailed by these awards are the following (“Australian Business Excellence Awards” 5): -Accurate and specific feedback is provided (“Australian Business Excellence Awards” 5). -Obtain international praises and compliments (“Australian Business Excellence Awards” 5). -Compare one’s organisation to how other organisations operate (“Australian Business Excellence Awards” 5). -Pick the best award, category, and system category to enter (“Australian Business Excellence Awards” 5). -Be ranked as the most successful organisations to ever win awards (“Australian Business Excellence Awards” 5). BHP, Ericsson and Kodak all learned that they should be able to accept any weaknesses they may fall in when taking the mentioned approaches.

These CEOs of the se organisations also realise that any assessments and modifications done for their improvements must be executed fairly, without any biases. Entrepreneurs mostly study every aspect which may make them lose out in the competition. They do so by researching on the latest trends in today’s society to see which products, goods and services would boom in today’s industry and market.

They try to update the trends they seem to be basing their services on. Entrepreneurs also conduct numerous regular conferences that they require their staff members to attend in order to enhance their skills in performing their regular tasks at work. When staff members perform at their optimal best, they are large contributors to the ability of the entrepreneur in gaining as much awards as possible. BHP has earned its prestigious title in the Australian Business Excellence Awards through its perseverance in accurately and regularly assessing its operational performances annually.

By doing this, they are able to be the best there is in the industry through implementing the necessary improvements from time to time whenever needed. Ericsson was awarded titles by such Australian organisation when it demonstrated the progress in the services it provide to people all over the world in several workshops conducted. These workshops were attended by the organisation’s high ranking judges. Kodak Australasia has utilised the self-assessment checklist in order to detect areas in their operational backgrounds which need further positive modifications. By doing so, the Australian awarding body saw their efforts to be the best they can be and awarded them with prestigious titles. The Australian Business Excellence Awards is a national award giving body based solely in Australia.

They are only responsible for awarding enterprises that are originally Australian-based. Because of these factors, they do not judge and award enterprises that are not originally Australian-based. Therefore, when this body is compared to Deming Prize in Japan when giving awards to BHP, Ericsson and Kodak, they fare low in being an influential award giving body in the world.

Deming Prize more likely may accurately judge how these companies fare when they conduct business transactions in countries other than Australia. This is an ability which the national Australian award body may lack.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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