Essays on Leadership Aspects in the DVDs Assignment

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The paper "Leadership Aspects in the DVDs" is a great example of a management assignment.   To be an effective leader, it is crucial to have a virtue of making decisions rapidly, just like Nando did at the Andes. This is because, in case of any mistake, there is enough time to fix it. As a leader, it is imperative to make a decision and make mistakes rather than fail to make a decision at all as there is no time to regret it. For instance, Nando and his friends had to decide to eat human meat out of the three options (eating human meat; committing suicide; or waiting to die in the fuselage).

Leaders should also learn to take risks as the greatest risk is failing to take any risk completely. Nando also argues that the riskiest issue is the status quo (The Andes Accident, 2014). Further, the video indicates the importance of making democratic decisions. Nevertheless, it points out the instances in which a single individual has to make a decision in order to avoid serious mistakes as it is hard for a group to make decisions fast.

In that case, the person (Nando) in charge of such a decision becomes the leader of the group. Clearly, a leader does not have to be the person referred to as one, but the one who is able to make quick and appropriate decisions (The Andes Accident, 2014). Lesson 2 The experience in the video also indicates that leaders are not born, but develop leadership skills with their actions in the course of their lives. It is not just anybody who can be a leader, but those that experience, execute, and obtain the results are leaders.

It is worth noting that leaders are ordinary people who possess extraordinary actions under difficult circumstances. Nando, the group leader in the movie, says that an effective leader should have charisma so that people may believe him and he has to handle things effectively. Besides, effective leaders are those who obtain good results and attain their purposes. Additionally, effective leaders should function in a team and allow others to get involved too. They should allow each member of the team to have a say with their own experiences to enable teamwork as a whole.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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