Essays on How to Be a Successful Leader Case Study

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The paper "How to Be a Successful Leader" is a wonderful example of a Management Case Study. Leadership involves helping others to achieve more than what they believe is possible. It is all about unlocking potential at the individual, group, company, organizational or national levels (Hughes et al. , 2011). Effective leadership avoids telling people what they are expected to do but instead inspiring them to identify their capabilities then helping them to achieve set goals. Some individuals in different spheres of life effortlessly inspire and lead others. Others’ attempts however end up facing either constant criticism or failure (Adair, 2009).

Richard Branson and Donald Trump are examples of successful business leadership, with Branson arguably being better. This paper discusses effective leadership with relation to the two businessmen. Donald Trump. One of the most successful examples of leadership is Donald Trump, an American television personality and business magnate. He runs the Trump Organization, an American real-estate development company. He was highly successful, especially during his earlier years. However, during a recession that occurred in 1989 for instance, he made losses that resulted in his bankruptcy.

However, he eventually overcame this and by 1994, had managed to pay much of the debt and as of 1997, he made a comeback. His success continued as he built more investments across more American cities and later Canada (Payment, 2008). According to Cohen & Rath (2007), a good leader needs to think big in order to speak to followers’ hearts. Trump is a good example of a leader who inspires the idea of thinking big. He has ventured in making large real estate investments and deals just because he considered them as having potential.

Even though he initially ended up in debt, he managed to make stronger comebacks. An effective leader has the ability to bounce back after going down. Donald trump at some point went bankrupt. However, he has always exhibited the self-belief that he is capable of standing up again. His current position is an indication of his tenacity to make come-backs after failure. Adair (2009) explains that failure is a normal occurrence to all people, and especially leaders. In case one is a leader and is constantly involved in breaking new ground, there is always the risk of failure and this is often greater than if he stays on in the present comfort zone.

The important question that arises is not how to best avoid failure, but rather if and how to bounce back in case of failure. This defines a person’ s leadership and sets one apart from others who would opt to remain defeated. Trump is reputedly a man full of energy. He also believes that energy is what drives his passion to work and the passion makes seemingly impossible things to happen.

An effective leader needs to be able to inspire rather than command the followers. Leadership works best when the people hardly take notice of the leader’ s existence when he accomplishes his work, his aim is fulfilled and the people end up knowing that they did everything on their own (Payment, 2008). Adair (2009) argues that for an effective leader, the people will not feel the control that he has over them. If a person directs by use of directives and proclamations, there is the likelihood of much resistance and opposition.

Effective leadership will help others to believe that whatever they are doing is a product of their own initiative.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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