Essays on Leadership Analysis: Lenovo Group Limited Case Study

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The paper "Leadership Analysis: Lenovo Group Limited" is a great example of a case study on management. Lenovo Group Limited is positioned as the largest computer manufacturer in China and at position four after Hewlett-Packard and Dell both of U. S. and Taiwan’ s Acer. The company is a major producer of desktops, servers, laptops, handheld computers, and mobile phones. Today, Lenovo's leadership aims to make the company be the world market share leader in every market they serve. The question is; which leadership style do they have to drive this change for this company which is battling two different cultures, western and Chinese?

On the other hand, Dell Inc. is a multinational technology in America majoring in computer manufacturing. The company is ranked second after Hewlett-Packard (HP). The company employs more than 103,300 individuals worldwide. Lenovo Group prioritizes on knowledge management and integrated a particular knowledge management department to carry out the planning and execution of knowledge management to the whole group. In 2004, Lenovo incorporated information management, flow management knowledge management departments (Lenovo, 2010). This incorporation enables knowledge management implementable, not simply more authoritative, but also realistic with feasible ways since the flow management takes control of establishing posts, choose on the flow and establishing the organization, and benefit from authoritativeness in the company. 2.0 Lenovo vs.

Dell IncOrganizations across the world are extremely apprehensive with understanding, look for, and building leadership. In spite of the organization type, leadership is recognized to play a crucial role in bringing high performing groups. This paper articulates and appraises the Lenovo China’ s leadership in five ways. In the beginning, it introduces just Lenovo China’ s history.

Then, explaining and analyzing approach strategies of peoples' organization in Lenovo which is the major point in the five elements of the general approach, a system of performance rewarding, employees’ staffing, methods to enhance development staff, and the assessment of the performance of individuals.


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