Essays on The Role of Leaders in the Combating the Change Fatigue in the Modern Organizations Coursework

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The paper "The Role of Leaders in the Combating the Change Fatigue in the Modern Organizations" is a great example of management coursework.   Change fatigue is one of the issues that face most of the organizations when implementing the changes within the organization. The change fatigue is characterized by staling of the changes at some point after it has been implemented. This plays a role in the failure of the change and hence the failure of change management. The leaders play an important role in terms of the implementation of the law.

The failure of the change also has some relationship with the effectiveness of the leader. Lack of leadership efficiency is one of the factors that contribute to the change fatigue (Shin, 2012). Combating the change fatigue requires a lot of effort from the leaders to ensure the success of the change initiative. On the other hand, it is important to note that change fatigue does not take place immediately. It is also difficult for the leader to predict when the change fatigue will occur. This is because there are no immediate indicators or methods of forecasting the time that the change fatigue will occur.

On the other hand, fatigue may lead to the immediate failure of the company. Change fatigue also affects the employees as well as management. It is thus important for the leaders to ensure that adequate measures are put in place to combat the change fatigue. The paper thus discusses the role of leaders in combating the change fatigue in modern organizations. Roles of leaders in combating change Monitoring change Change is a gradual change and it requires a step by step implementation for it to succeed.

This requires a lot of effort by the leader in order to ensure the success of the change. The fatigue however occurs at a critical stage when the company may not be ready to take the necessary initiatives. The leader of the organization has a role to play in terms of combating the change fatigue. A leader can ensure that the change fatigue is dealt with by fully taking charge of the change process and monitor the progress of the change.

Through monitoring the progress being made in regard to the change, it is easier for the leader to identify the signs of change fatigue. According to Beaudan, (2006), the identification of the signs of change fatigue is important in terms of avoiding it. It is however important to note that the leader may not be in a position to fully monitor the process.  


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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