Essays on Leadership And Management Are The Same Concepts Just Different Names Assignment

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IntroductionManagement and leadership are two different words yet at the same time similar. However, both leadership and management have the same functions in an organization. A manager who deals with all tasks and responsibilities within an organization does management while at the same time being the leader. These activities include guiding visitors in the organization, checking reports in the organization, planning events within the organization, and ensuring that its employees work in friendly and health care (Blunt, 2008). A leader is responsible in creating and bringing changes of all tasks of an organization as well as enabling an organization to achieve its set goals.

In addition, a leader brings up strategy on how to enable the organization achieve its success within the shortest period possible and a leader is always responsible for the outcomes of its organization does leadership. Leaders are never managers but they are a group of people in an organization with special understanding and are motivated to achieve their targeted goal in a given work. By definition, a leader and its characteristics are discovered by the group of people a leader is working with.

A good leader has the ability to attract more followers to his/her organization. In addition, they always influence other people to arrive at their targeted goals. In conclusion a good leader has many followers to enable the greatest influence to be achieved (Bateman & Snell, 2007). At the core of this definition, management entails the entire idea of purpose, managing individuals, structure, disciplines, ensuring the success of managing an organization’s processes, delivery, and ensuring the smooth running of the entire mechanics of an organization (Peter, 2010).

This is in great contrast to leadership, which is all about vision, direction, influencing individuals to work towards a certain direction, communication, motivation, and employee relations. Management and Leadership InseparableThere is a volume of evidence that the goals of management and the smooth running of its activities are quite inseparable from the leadership behavior. The strengthening and possession of good leadership behavior and skills is important for management to focus on their roles effectively and with a lot of ease (Ricketts, 2009). Leaders are instrumental in defining objectives and goals and coming up with the best methods to ensure that such objectives and goals are achieved within some specified period.

Management is therefore responsible for developing and managing the success and achievement of such objectives. The management also ensures maintenance of competent staff to facilitate the success of every task. Finally, the management encompasses some formal and informal channels to ensure the completion of assessment and evaluation of the leadership functions through incentives based on the specific project at hand. The management is also encouraged by the way leaders combine their efforts to ensure further support for the organizational goals and understanding.

In this sense, management and leadership do complement each other in ensuring success of organization’s mechanisms and processes (William & Ming, 2012). Furthermore, after the leadership sets the organizational vision and goals, the management further complements these goals and vision and encourage the leadership to further motivate and encourage members to the right organization as the key to success.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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