Essays on Leadership and Professional Management Coursework

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The paper "Leadership and Professional Management" is an outstanding example of management coursework.   Leadership is an integral component to the success of modern organizations as they strive to sustain their competitive advantage, enhance performance and productivity, to effectively and efficiently meet the needs, demands, and expectations of their customers and ensure profitability and effective interrelationships between their internal and external environments. Gallos (2008, p. 2) describes leadership as a continuous process of developing and sustaining effective relationships between those who aspire to lead with those willing to follow. According to Northouse (2009, p.

11), leadership is multidimensional in knowledge and orientation where leaders understand people and organizations, responsibilities, and processes and understand themselves and others. Gallos (2008, p. 2) suggests that effective leaders motivate and inspire and they know how to bring out the best of who they are and the best in others and help the firm grow and develop. Different leaders have different styles of leadership and an effective leader is able to switch between the leadership styles based on the situation regardless of the fact they may prefer a particular style of leadership since there is no one best leadership style that fits all situations as supported by Brown& Ruhl (2003, p.

50). This forms the background of this report which seeks to analyze two leadership scenarios which will help assess differences in leadership styles, leadership situations, leadership approaches and evaluate the role of stakeholders and the nature and performance of organizations. Leadership scenarios Leadership situation 1 Mr. Miguel is a 58-year-old male who has worked as a permanent employee at a manufacturing company in Sidney, Australia. Due to his long twenty-three year service to the company, his broad work-related experience, good performance record, and professional qualifications, the Company’ s human resource manager, Mr.

Brown identified Mr. Miguel’ s good service history and approached the board of directors and proposed a promotion for Mr. Miguel as the production manager in the production department he has been working at since his employment, which the board of governors agreed.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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