Essays on Leadership and Professional Management Coursework

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The paper "Leadership and Professional Management" is an outstanding example of management coursework.   Leadership can be defined as the process of directing the behavior of others towards the accomplishment of some common objectives (House 2004). It involves influencing others to get things done to a standard and quality above their norm. According to McGovern, Donald, and Gaken (2008), a professional leader is one who understands the goals of an organization. Accordingly, he has the capacity to plan for the steps required to accomplish the goals through projects and schedules that are within his scope of work.

Excellent leadership requires a clear understanding of what it takes to accomplish the set objective effectively. This calls for the integration of speed, quality, time, and budget limits. For one to be regarded as a prominent leader, he must have willing followers, who are motivated to work with him in order to accomplish the set goals (McGovern, Donald, and Gaken 2008). Such leaders understand well that when followers put in their best efforts, something in return must be offered, which includes respect, appreciation, and/or reward. In fact, getting the best out of the people in an organization is the hallmark of a good leader. A country’ s reputation is based on the advancement in almost all aspects of life.

Advancement in technology has been identified as the driving force of all these factors (Gomez-Mejia, Balkin, and Cardy 2008). Without technology, a country is bound to lag, and this will lower its economic superiority. Leaders have, therefore, been factored in as the drivers for this change and their positive contribution will be of immense benefit to their country and globe at a large. Over the years, prominent leaders have emerged, who have accomplished numerous projects for the benefit of the human race.

They have solved problems that seemed like theories to many, thus, transforming human life to comfort zones. This includes areas of energy, telecommunication, building and construction, material science, design and innovation, and research work in general. A leader is much recognized based on the achievements gained in any of this area. He is also recognized for his or her directives based on the study project that was accomplished under his or her leadership.


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