Essays on Leadership Comparison Between Fire Service in the UK and the UAE Case Study

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The paper 'Leadership Comparison Between Fire Service in the UK and the UAE " is an outstanding example of a management case study. The implausible services provided by the fire and rescue organizations for the protection and security of the people are commendable. Every country works for safeguarding its citizens from the unexpected and unanticipated bloodcurdling events. But few such countries have marked in the rescue operations while few others are still struggling to cope up with the changing times. This report deals with the Fire services role in the UK and UAE, the different management styles of the organizations and the various leadership theories abided by the leaders for the efficient working of the firm. INTRODUCTION Since ancient times, man has been facing the appalling effects of the natural calamities like flood, drought, earthquakes and the deadly fire blaze.

Earlier the means to mitigate the harmful effects of fire accidents were the use of water, sand or use of some non-inflammable products but with the invent of modern technology, the services rendered were more quality centered. This report would help in the analysis of the modern amenities used by the UK and UAE by comparing their past and present status of fire services.

Every organization needs safe hands to lead and administer, thus the role of management and leadership in heading a firm towards the accomplishment of goals and objectives would be studying intricately for a general understanding of the impact of Leadership and management construction on the working of the entire system. HISTORICAL DEVELOPMENT OF FIRE SERVICES The changes that have taken place in the UK and UAE fire services since the past decades would be highlighted in the following section: ROLE/ HISTORY OF FIRE SERVICES IN UAE Fire services in UAE like any other enterprise started from a small desire to have copious equipment to combat the threat.

The country has incurred massive destruction to the lives and property both. The past incident has jolted the people all around to which now there is no compromise on quality standards for the safety and security of the community at large. The historical data reveals the fact that the cause of fatal accidents has been due to untimely information or lack of immediate information, public negligence has been carried down from many years and still persists. ROLE /HISTORY OF UK FIRE SERVICES The fire and rescue service department in the UK is established to ensure a clear, transparent network set up at a National Front.

The Framework is supported by an effective command and administration of Ministers. The role of UK fire services is of utmost importance in realizing the benefits of the economies of scale. Since the prehistory till the modern-day, a number of advancements have been discovered by the man to confront the fire emergencies.

According to the current statistics, there are at present 63 brigades in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. The enforcement of the Fire Services Act 1947 has changed the entire work culture of the fire service department. COMPARISON OF SETTINGS IN WHICH EACH OPERATE UAE follows its own pre-determined standards as well as inculcates the International standards laid down by the NFPA. The major drawback suffered in the UAE system is the lack of information and accurate references. The strategic management, the Civil Fire defence is highly dissatisfied with the budget sanctions allocated for the fire services in UAE.

This scenario is completely different when compared with the UK which holds a very strong communication channel and adequate financial resources for constant developments and timely dissemination of information.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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