Essays on Fords and Sloans Leadership Styles Case Study

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The paper 'Ford’ s and Sloan’ s Leadership Styles" is a good example of a management case study. The current corporate battle between General Motors (GM) and Ford Motors started about a century ago when GM was started and Alfred Sloan made its president, in an industry that was dominated by Ford Motors, founded by Henry Ford. The rivalry is bigger than all other corporate battles, bigger than Coke vs. Pepsi, compelling than Huggies vs. Pampers and older than Nike vs. Reebok. The rivalry is presently fought with budgets to the tune of billions of dollars that are used in marketing and advertising and in acquiring new automobile models.

The rivalry is currently subject to ups and downs that exceed those observed in the stock market (Taylor). Ford’ s Leadership Style Ford was a very bright engineer. He was one of the people who derive happiness from their profession and thus he was the happiest when designing. Up to the day that he died, Ford understood intuitively the intricacies of process flows and production engineering. He always planned his purpose and actions, a fact that is evident in his writings.

Ford believed that what any business leader needs to do to be successful is to concentrate on correcting flaws in his/her business model and following the fundamental principles of business. Notably, however, Ford, later on, breached some of the business principles he believed in, which include the following: Striving to produce goods that are of high quality at low costs, and selling the goods at lower prices. Striving to economically and increasingly make goods of the best possible quality in increasingly large quantities and forcing their acceptance in the market. Ensuring that wages are raised constantly but gradually and never cut. Ensuring that delivery logistics are as cheap as possible to enable the consumer to enjoys low-cost production benefits. The principles stated above, which Ford believed in, are evidence of both his weakness and strength as a leader.

By focusing on product quality as well as the market needs, Ford proved to be a transactional leader, who only focused on his success/ the success of his business.  

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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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