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IntroductionLeadership can be defined as a property and process. The process of leadership is the utilizations of non-coercive impact to coordinate and direct the activities of the members of group that is organized to accomplish the objectives set for group. As far as property is concerned leadership is the set of characteristics and qualities that are attributed to those who are professes to successfully employ such impact. Project can be described as temporary organizations formed by its base organizations to perform an assignment or job on its behalf.

A project can also be termed as a temporary attempt for creating an exclusive product. Increasingly organizations are now utilizing projects in their routine work for accomplishment of goals. Projects usually involve a diverse and distinctive set of human resources that basically perform interrelated activities and the main customer for the product is mostly interested in the efficient use of resources to complete the project more effectively and timely. The primary aim of ‘SkyLark IT Limited’ is a joint venture project for management methodology, templates and tools. The primary purpose of the project is to establish a methodology and develop support templates that are supported with different leadership styles in the company.

It also investigates a specific portfolio management resolution and a joint project tacking and related oversight solution. It also examines the feasibility of a centre of excellence along with competency of SkyLark IT Limited (SKYLARK IT LIMITED). About Company: Derek Creswell formed a company ‘SkyLark IT Limited’ that is present in the business scenario for the last 47 years. Later on, a multi-national company purchased the right of ownership. Directors have acquired the services of a new CEO with the determination of placement of focus on customer.

Staff strength at present is 1400. Fifteen years earlier, there were 3500 people on the payroll of company. There are four divisions in the company located at different places in North East of England. A diversification of services is present with company targeting both business as well as public customers. AimsThe aim of the project is to investigate a large project and apply the theme of leadership throughout the project. In the way the potential problems have also been identified that are likely to be encountered and the possible solutions that are used by a leader to resolve such problems.

DiscussionLeadership & Engineering Business ProcessConcept of LeadershipLeadership over individuals is exercised in case a person with specific purposes and motives mobilize, in conflict or competition with others, political, institutional, psychological and different other resources so as to engage, satisfy and arouse the motives of followers. Leadership have also been defined as a complex process thorough which a person influences people to accomplish task, objective or mission and directs the related organization in manner that makes it coherent and cohesive.

(Jugdev, K. 2002) A preponderance of concentration on management and leadership has been specifically on individual manager or leader. However the perspective and position of these persons are quite different in that the leaders or mangers seem to push their employees to desired aims, objectives and goals. Leaders seem to pull their employees in a certain direction for accomplishment of goals. As such the reciprocal nature that exists is found between those who motivate to lead and those persons who decide to follow.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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