Essays on Leadership in Organisation Assignment

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The paper "Leadership in Organisation" is a worthy example of an assignment on marketing. Workforce planning is selecting and recruiting the correct person because organizations while looking to hire employees have to ensure that the workforce matches the job requirements. This means choosing the correct employee for the job and only hiring employees without matching the job requirements will not provide the required return the business is looking at. In this competitive world, specialized services have become imperative which makes it important that organizations hire employees based on the job requirements and not merely look to hire employees (Engleberg & Wynn, 2002).

Organizations while hiring employees look at the long term perspective and look towards building employees for higher positions in the organization. This requires knowledge and skills in the respective field which thereby increases the role of workforce planning in ensuring that employees hired are as per the requirements and will help the business in the long run (Clunies, 2007). An example in this direction is banks. Banks have to ensure that the workforce requirement matches the growth in the business.

Since they work in the service sector it is imperative to provide high-quality service to retain customers. This makes it important that the banks start to look for prospective employees both within and outside the organization. The workforce should be such that they are capable of handling the different task entrusted upon them and understands the objectives of the organization (Engleberg & Wynn, 2002). Since it is a specialized service the bank should impart training both on and off the job. Care should also be taken to have employees as per the requirements and special efforts should be made while designing the job so that employees who are selected match the job criteria.

This will help to ensure correct employees for the correct job and using the in house employees will ensure that the employees are motivated and work towards a common goal. This increases the importance of ensuring that the correct person is hired as recruiting a wrong person for the job will result in selecting a candidate that cannot do justice for the job. This will make the organization suffer as the required workforce will be unable to deliver quality service (Derr, 2002).

This increases the importance of national demographics as it helps to understand the workforce constituent and based on it the organization can look towards recruiting the correct talent so that the business is able to achieve its objectives. The national demographics provide organization information relating to the educational skills which are helping the organization tap the correct sources and get the best manpower. This also helps the organization to understand the changes their business needs to undergo which helps to determine the training required and ensure the workforce according to the changing scenario.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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