Essays on Leadership and Management at Dick Smith Case Study

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The paper "Leadership and Management at Dick Smith" is a good example of the management case study.   Leadership and management normally go hand in hand. From the early life of Dick Smith, his main philosophy formed the pillar for his success, he believed in gratitude and service to others which form major success traits of leadership in entrepreneurship. As the bible states in the book of proverbs 15:15, "All the days of the afflicted are bad, but one with a grateful heart has a continual feast. " Always simple thinks in life makes big impacts on people lives and success in what people do (Jeon et al. , 2015).

Dick presents transformational leadership, servant leadership that leads with example and gives back to society. Transformation leadership gives it a new perspective where the leadership moves away from the traditional dominant transactional leadership. This model uses incentives and disincentives to produce compliance among subordinates, to one where leaders and followers form a bond and shared visions and goals to work collaboratively. This kind of leadership has seen the success of Dick Smith, his empathies, mentors, motivating and stimulating his subordinates.

He acts as a role model to individuals who work under him to achieve high-level attainment in society (Zahoor, Montes & Wahl 2014) Discussion of the problem The good public image he has cultivated for a long time has helped him in commanding success in his business. Transformation leadership approach which is widely proposed by modern management theorist. Zahoor, Montes & Wahl (2014) states that command and control approach leadership no longer works effectively in the 21st century, to effect change, today's leaders must be able to articulate the clear purpose and organizational values, create a shared vision and build organizations that rely upon skills of communication, collaboration and teamwork.

Dick Smith was able to cultivate these factors and leadership characteristics which have seen his success in his business. Liedtke (2013)  argues that good leadership should be able to grow and expand as a human being even as they lea extraordinary outcomes for their communities and organization. In his food venture, Dick Smith gives provision for the community where it gives back to society. Very few organization gives provision for the same.

He has been in a position of bringing authentic presence, integrity, vision compassion expertise and commitment to a higher purpose that awakens others to new possibilities and outcomes. He was able to take stand for his vision and beliefs since it was able to create clarity and call for commitment from others and hold this stance even in the face of adversity, challenge and risk. He had what it takes to be a quality leader, this is what helps him to succeed in life. Attributes that leads to charismatic Throughout it’ s his story, one of the major attributes of Smith is charismatic, and his charismatic characteristics are illustrated in many instances.

They are attributes that are hard to pin down yet attract followers and inspires people to action. They are transformational leaders that are normally exhibiting these particular characteristics (Mitgang 2012). Some of the attributes that qualified Smith as charismatic leader include; Good communication skills In most cases, charismatic leaders have extraordinary skills in communication. It is seen in the leadership style when Smith was chairman of the aviation association and in the management of his business (Keller, Parameswaran & Jacob, 2011).

Good communication skills in most cases help in motivating employees through tough times and further helps them to stay grounded in what they are doing. Charismatic leaders are further comfortable communicating one to one or in a group setting. This particular attribute makes Dick Smith a charismatic leader (Mitgang 2012).


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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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