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Introduction Leadership is described as going with or before in order to direct the way. All organizations are in need of a leader. The leader should be an individual who is able direct others to attain the outlined objectives of the organization. The use of movies is one of the viable approaches that can be integrated in leadership education. This is because movies are usually interesting to many people. In addition, specific scenes can be used to clearly bring out the concept of leadership. This particular paper presents an explicit example of leadership that was presented in the movie (300).

Synopsis of the movie (300) The movie 300 is an action film that depicts the leadership of an ancient Spartan King known as King Leonidas. The movie begins by a narration of King Leonidas life during his childhood until when he becomes king. A significant aspect to take note of as King Leonidas grew up was the fact that Leonidas was courageous even as a young boy. For instance by the time he could stand, he was initiated into the fire of combat.

During Leonidas reign as king of Sparta, a Persian massager came to the Spartan gates in order to bring a message from King Xerxes of Persia. The message was a demand from the King that that Sparta should submit to King Xerxes. Instead of providing feedback to the messenger, King Leonidas threw the messenger into a very big well. Such an action would definitely spearhead war between the Persians and Spartans. Furthermore during this particular time the Persians ruled the world. However King Leonidas was actually not afraid although he knew that the Persians had a stronger army.

In order to prepare for the soon coming war, King Leonidas then decide to see a priest known as Ephors in order to get his blessing prior to presenting the proposal for war to the Spartan council. The opinion of the priest was that Sparta should not go to war during the festival Carnea which was one of the significant religious festivals for the Spartans. Leonidas did not listen to the views of the priest and instead he goes on with his plans to organize the war.

To prevent asking for permission from the council, which composed of a group of corrupt individuals; King Leonidas moves to the battle with 300 soldiers. He reported that the 300 soldier were his personal guards. In his mind he knew that this particular mission was basically committing suicide, nevertheless he had an objective, which was to influence the council to develop the view that unity with the Persians was actually impossible.  The battle of Thermopylae was very fierce. Even before the war begun the captain of the Persians commanded the Spartan solders to put down their weapons.

But King Leonidas declined. King Xerxes the personally confronts King Leonidas and offers him power and wealth if he would agree to give up his Kingdom. King Leonidas also refuses the offer. King Xerxes then launches an attack on the Spartans using strong weapons such as war elephant and powered bombs. The Spartan soldiers fight them back although they are slightly injured.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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