Essays on Leadership Analysis of Ahmed Odeh and Anil Joseph Case Study

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The paper 'Leadership Analysis of Ahmed Odeh and Anil Joseph" is a good example of a management case study. This project entails the analysis of Abu Dhabi's national hotel leadership. It is a company that operates in the hospitality industry Owned and managed by the Abu Dhabi government. The division of the hotel acts as a hotel operator and developer where it has partnered with various companies like Sheraton and Hilton in some flagship properties. The majority of the operations and property of the company are located in Abu Dhabi, but it has many other branches in different parts of the UAE.

The leadership in the company has led to many improvements in the operations of the company. For instance, the company has experienced significant growth due to the expansion strategies that are being formulated by the company. The company has continued opening outlets in different regions like in Venetian Village, which is the newest dining destination of the city (Ponzini, 2011). The company has the best chefs who can meet the diverse food needs of people from different parts of the world.

The menu of the company has continued expanding to meet the increasing needs of the customers hence making the company competitive in the market. The brand image of Abu Dhabi National Hotels in the industry has continued improving where it has received regional recognition. For instance, the company has received awards for being among the best companies in the industry. The leadership of the company has continued working towards making sure that it remains competitive in the market. For example, the management has been working towards creating a hospitality environment that is very innovative with the aim of meeting the diverse needs of the customers better.

The management of the company has ensured the dining venues are in a position to create a welcoming atmosphere that helps to ensure excellent service encounters (Davidson, 2009). The business divisions off Abu Dhabi National Hotels have ensured an outstanding performance as it has been competitive in the market. The company has improved its market position by ensuring high-quality services and products. The new businesses being opened by Abu Dhabi National Hotels have contributed to the improvement in the company performance.


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