Essays on Leadership Enhancing Lessons from Experience Case Study

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The paper “ Leadership – Enhancing Lessons from Experience” is a fascinating example of the case study on management. Successful leadership can be found in almost all spheres of life; however organizational and political contexts have received utmost attention. One reason for this bias is that leadership can make the difference between survival and failure of a firm or a country. Nonetheless, underrepresentation of leadership in the social realm must not be treated as an indication of its irrelevance. This paper will focus on an experience that occurred to me and my friends roughly one year ago.

It was a demonstration of successful leadership and I frequently use memories from that time as a reminder of what innovative leaders should do. The paper shall argue that effective or successful leadership occurs when team members identify with team objectives and are motivated by them. Nature of incidentAt the time of the incident, we had gone for a hiking trip across seven hills near my home town. This was an expedition that none of us were familiar with- the location was quite new and all were uncertain about how long it would take, whether we would reach the other side of the hills and what needed to be done during the actual process.

We were five in number (Yvonne, Cathy, John Paul, Chris, and I) yet four of us had never hiked before in our lives- only Chris had done this. Furthermore, two of the members had never met the rest of the group since they had learned about the trip on Facebook. The plan was that members would meet at the bottom of the hills and then take things from there.

No specifications had been made on who would step up and offer general direction in the group. In fact, it had been a very abrupt event that had more questions than answers. The only issues we were sure about were that we were supposed to carry foodstuffs and then hike. Since members did not know where they were going; we realized that we were in a deadlock and that something had to be done urgently. The more time we wasted, the harder it would be to complete all seven hills within the day.

Some of us were already looking at how futile the expedition was going to be. We all agreed that there was a need for a team leader and asked members to volunteer. Chris - who had been to the location before - stepped in and changed everything.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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