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1.0 The situation 1.1 Battleship 2012The movie is based on a story of a young man, Alex Hooper (Taylor Kitsch) who happens to have a goalless life at the beginning of the movie. Later his brother enlists him on a battleship in Hawaii that is preparing to participate in series of exercise at the sea. Unfortunately, Alex is headstrong, reckless and disobedient even there. In the meantime NASA has been sending transmissions to an alien planet. However, a scientist warned of a possible hit back by the aliens. The leadership part of the movies is seen when the invasion of the aliens start and the battleship exercises is caught up in the storm.

The navy finds itself n a midst of a war between alien and man, war on the possession of the earth. At this point Alex is forced to a position of leadership. He step in and bravely, he faces the massive adversaries. Alex, is blinded with revenge (as his brother is killed in the war) and it gets to a point where he has to put the men under his command on the risk, however, later he is forced to put aside his self motives and consider others.

Eventually, he uses his cleverness, loyalty and skills in this mission and he becomes a leader and a man who is worth of respect. It is important to note other characters in the movie are equally admirable and team work is observed in their operations (Taran, 2012; http: //christiananswers. net/spotlight/movies/2012/battleship2012.html). 1.2 Type of leadershipThe type of leadership portrayed in this situation is the contingency leadership theory. According to this theory the success of a leader in any given situation does not only depend on the skills of the leader but on the factors that lies outside a leader (Gill, 2012).

Most of the critiques that support the theory hold that it is not only having a well skilled leader that will result to success of a mission but rather having a leader who is capable of solving the problem at hand the right way. According to (Day & Antonakis, 2011) Proponents of the theory think that all factors surrounding the success of a leader, it became hard to predict the success.

With this understanding, it is important that the leader need to be adaptable to make the most of potential of the success in case the initial tactics do not work. Indeed, the2.0 Analyzing the Situation 2.1 Functions of a the leaderBasically speaking, there are various functions and responsible that leaders share in common. For instance, it is expected that a leader to be viewed as an executive. Indeed, the leader has significant function of co-coordinating various activities of a team.

He or she is said to be in an executive capacity while he or she assigns others to carry out various activities (Adair, 2010). In the presented case, Alex is well endowed with this function. He is able to make some decisions and policy and assigns work to the appropriate crew members. He also organizes the discussion of how to executive the plans they have against the aliens. Essentially, he is able to delegate authority and responsibilities to various teams within his command and hardly interfere with their assigned activities.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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