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Leadership Skills of the of the Leadership Skills The questions to be posed to a candi for the post of service department manager are: 1. What are your objectives as a manger of the service department? 2. What are the measures that you will adopt to realize these objectives? 3. How will you achieve customer satisfaction? 4. What is the strategy that you will adopt to motivate your staff? 5. How will you effectively manage your team? 6. What strategy will you adopt to promote the morale of your team? 7. What is the expertise that you possess, with regard to the service department of an organization? The chief objectives of the manager of a service department should be to maximize services and to ensure customer satisfaction.

These objectives can be achieved by scheduling work allotment; monitoring the work allotted; hiring staff, developing and firing, as and when required; controlling operational costs; and acting as role model (Inglish, 2011). Customer satisfaction will be achieved by appropriate, effective and timely response. In addition, the service is to be provided in an efficient manner. Moreover, the customer’s problems are to be solved by depicting confidence and skill.

Staff are motivated, when the manager delegates work in an equitable and well thought out manner. Moreover, the manager should encourage innovativeness and enthusiasm among his staff (Service Department Manager Career Information, 2011). This all important task can be achieved by employing team building techniques and effective communication skills. Furthermore, the manager should be willing to share knowledge and ideas. The manager should make it very clear to every member of the team that their efforts are of great value to the customer and the company.

Exemplary customer service results in returning customers, which in turn gives the company a competitive edge. Moreover, it is to be emphasized that outstanding performance benefits every member of the team, as well as the company, and not just the manager of the team (Service Department Manager Career Information, 2011). A service manager has to possess a thorough understanding of the needs of customers. Moreover, he should provide value added services to customers. Furthermore, the service manager should be proficient in achieving cost and time targets.

He should utilize a greater number of subjective measures to achieve improvement in the quality of work and to increase departmental support (Service Department Manager Career Information, 2011). A manager with transformational leadership skills would be best suited for the task. These leaders inspire their subordinates, by presenting to the latter a persuasive image of the change envisaged in the company. Moreover, such managers bring the best out of the employees, by employing intellectual stimulation to induce them to undertake innovative solutions to problems and to change the existing situation.

Any change to the services provided by the company, will be best effected by transformational managers (Oreg & Berson, 2011, p. 634). Such mangers can also lead the workers, in crisis situations. They can motivate the workforce, in a manner that benefits the organization in each and every situation. The service manager should necessarily possess the qualities depicted in the transformational leadership model. List of References Inglish, P. (2011). The Difference: Leader or Manager? How to Develop the Top Best Qualities of Leadership.

Retrieved November 27, 2011, from http: //pattyinglishms. hubpages. com/hub/Manager-Leader Oreg, S., & Berson, Y. (2011). Leadership and Employees Reactions to Change: The Role of Leaders Personal Attributes and Transformational Leadership Style. Personnel Psychology, 64(3), 627 – 659. Service Department Manager Career Information. (2011). Retrieved November 27, 2011, from http: //www. mymajors. com/careers-and-jobs/Service-Department-Manager

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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