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The paper "Leading Customer Service Excellence" is a great example of a Marketing Term Paper. Customer service excellence is considered one of the crucial ingredients of a marketing mix for products and services. It is defined as the overall activity undertaken to identify and satisfy customer needs. Therefore, high-quality customer service is needed to ensure customer loyalty. Today, customer service is increasingly becoming important not only because companies are striving to offer customer care, but most customers are demanding quality customer service as a matter of transaction (Goodwright 2014).

Literally, by delighting or annoying customer companies can either win or lose many potential customers through word of mouth as well as via the Internet (Nash & Owton 2007). Customer satisfaction is defined as the reflection of performance to expectation. Therefore, for an organization to be well-placed so as to satisfy its needs, it is crucial for that particular organization to first satisfy the needs of its customers. Today’ s consumers are no longer passive believers, and thus brands should not only be relied on as a reflection of an organization but also a determinant of the needs or desires of the market (McKaskill 2011).

A number of managers perceive service as an after-sale service where it is considered as something connected to previous sales rather than a guide to the next one (American Management Association-AMA Report 2002). In this report, a critical evaluation will be made in regard to the current approaches implemented by the Institute of Customer Service to offer customer service excellence and why customer service matters for the Institute of Customer Service? Suggest a variety of customer service excellence frameworks which the Institute of Customer Service can apply to facilitate its goal of achieving sustainable customer service excellence.

Conclude with a justified strategy that will facilitate the achievement of sustained customer service excellence. Main findings A critical evaluation of the Institute of Customer Service’ s current approach to customer service The Institute of Customer Service (ICS) is an independent non-profit professional membership body that purposely enables organizations to strengthen their business performance by enhancing their customers’ experiences. The institute accomplishes this through research and insight, service training and qualifications as well as benchmarking and accreditation programs.

The main objective of ICS is to enable organizations to harness customer service strategy so as to offer an attractive customer experience. ICS publishes various research findings that combine strategic insight into important customer trends and issues with more practical recommendations for customer service leaders and professionals. The recent publications from the institute include; the future of customer service as a blueprint for 2020 and the return on investment within the customer service. In addition, ICS publishes the UK Customer Satisfaction Index (UKCSI) as its national measure of customer satisfaction that tracks 13 sectors across different metrics.

Membership of the ICS means becoming a member of a like-minded group of professionals and organizations that recognizes the need to develop customer service.



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