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The paper "Leading People and Leadership Style" Is a great example of a Management Essay. I involve individuals in the activities of the organization with the sole aim of achieving the vision and goals of the organization.   I consider myself a charismatic leader because I am inclined to achieving the goals and vision of the organization. I also consider myself charismatic because I place myself in the shoes/position of my followers, and I also try to pay extra attention to the person they are talking to, such that the person feels that he is the most significant person at the moment. I have managed to break the traditional institutional authority and urged followers to integrate innovative ideas.

This is by encouraging my followers to break the status quo. As a leader, I have also managed to satisfy the power of the need by contributing to socially desirable activities for the larger collective interest rather than personal interest. What are the qualities that show that you are a charismatic leader? The qualities that I have are strong personalities that attracted people and this made me different from other types of leaders.

I use a very simplified speech when addressing people in the organization, and this makes people relate with me effectively in the organization, I try my best to create an emotional bond with the employees. This is because emotional bonds usually last longer than intellectual bonds. Another important quality is that I focus and keep myself updated with current affairs. Would you advocate for charismatic leadership in other organizations? Charismatic leadership is the way that all organizations should go. This is because; it ensures maximum participation of all people, especially the followers. To the followers What style of leadership is followed in your organization? I have confidence in our leaders and are willing to follow them.

We discovered that the leader does not have to be so much popular to be a charismatic leader since they are only well known in our organization. I think that our leader is the most relevant person for the job, and will steer the entity to achieve its aims, goals, and objectives. I base my argument on job satisfaction from the charismatic leader, satisfaction with the leader, motivation by the leader, organization performance and by the effectiveness of the leader. Do you feel part of the leadership process? Yes, because my leader instills a sense of discipline to the employees and he gains a lot of respect and pride from the employees. The charisma approves the democratic style since it allows for discussion on the way forward as it pertains to leadership.

Therefore, it opens up a democratic space between the leaders and the followers. Democratic leadership opens up an improved working relationship between our leader and us, which ultimately improves our morale leading to high job performance and decreased dependence on the leader. Since charismatic leadership disapproves of the autocratic style of leadership, I also feel part of the leadership process.

Autocratic leadership is where authority and decision making is done by one person. He makes all decisions and exercises control by the use of rewards and punishment. He considers his decision to be superior and he does not approve of any decision from the subordinates. Charismatic leadership disapproves of this because it has the effect of causing workers to experience dissatisfaction, they have passiveness towards the organization’ s goals and develop a dependence on their leaderWhat do you think of your leader? My leader doesn’ t rely on his popularity to run the organization but rather he relies on his track record and involvement with the organization as well as from appraisal done in the organization.

The argument is that one may be very popular but he does not have the desired leadership traits. Introverts can also be charismatic leaders, especially where they are loved by us.

Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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