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Insert Leadership Development and Business Ethics Executive Summary This paper, endeavor to explain how news agencies, reporters, private investigators, and the police services in the United Kingdom hack phones to get information for publication. The paper also shows how the police depend upon the news agencies to hack the phone first and then get the information for their own research which, according to the Scotland Yard, manipulates the investigation of the hacking issues. The paper further shows how James Murdoch uses his power as the owner of major media houses in the UK to support different politicians and singers. The first paragraph of the paper explains in detail how in November 2005 the England royal family found out that someone was eavesdropping on voicemail conversation.

The Royal family later called the Scotland Yard for research and found out that, News of the World were responsible. News of the World is a publishing organization head by James Murdoch. Coulson, an editor of the company, was allegedly aware that reporters hacked into phones to get good leads but refused to let the information out. James Murdoch apart from owning News of the World, he also owns the suns, the times of London, the wall street journal, and the 20th century fox.

From these investments, he uses the news company to support politicians such as Thatcher, in1970, and Tony Blair. In 2012, disclosure through an email proving that James Murdoch knew about the hacking at news of the world disappeared from his computer on January, 15. 2011. Furthermore, two of the Murdoch employees tried to bribe the police officers to hack information from the Queen’s palace. Lastly, a phone hacking expedition misled a young British girl who disappeared and found dead after six months.

The girl’s family knew their daughter was alive because of the deleted information on her voice mail messages, not knowing that it was by some news reporters who wanted to listen to more voice messages from her phone. After reading the paper carefully, the moral issue in this case is an act of hacking the information from peoples’ phone by the police and reporters. The police should use better and improved skills obtained from their training to get information, rather than hacking and retrieving messages from other peoples’ phone without prior consent.

It should also apply to the reporters; reports should go to the field to collect information instead of hacking phones. This vice by reporters and the police is an ethical problem it constitutes private nuisance or intrusion. . In this case, it is mostly accepted and tolerated by the media C. E.O, James Murdoch and the police boss. The affected person in this problem is the owner of the phone and the family members.

It so because, the owner does not know the extent of privacy with which there is on the phone. It is evident the case of the young British girl, Milly Dowler, went missing and later found dead. The leadership issue that needs to be addressed in this paper is the legislative in nature, because of their failure to amend the law governing basic right of privacy and communication act. Through an amendment, people will abstain from unlawfully involving themselves in other people’s private affairs. There should be also a limit of expression while printing out the news or carrying out investigation.

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Download free paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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