Essays on Learning about the Experiences of First Home Buyers in Metropolitan - Canberra Research Proposal

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The paper "Learning about the Experiences of First Home Buyers in Metropolitan - Canberra" is a  great example of a marketing research proposal. First home buyers experience a challenging task before they settle down all the obligations and requirements needed to own a home. First-time buyers time and again do not have a clear understanding of real estate and mortgage terms. In addition, the amount of paperwork required to secure a mortgage loan sometimes overpowers them (Brown, & Tyson, 2011, p. 83-89). Similarly, the amount of money needed to purchase a home could be frightening.

All these challenges and complications can be dealt with to a certain extent through learning from the experienced first homeowners and help other people own their first homes as well. This study seeks to identify and document the experiences and challenges facing first home buyers and the most appropriate ways of solving them. The study will be conducted in metropolitan/ urban settings. It will be conducted in Canberra, the Capital city of Australia where many have owned homes and others are contemplating buying their own homes. A sample size of 204 homes/ respondents (both those who have already owned and those considering buying) will be used to collect data relevant to the objectives of the research.

Data collected will be analyzed using SPSS, and presented in tables, graphs and charts. The findings of the research will then be made available to all people and this will demystify the concept of first home buying. Data collection data entry will be conducted by experienced people who have a general knowledge of urban settings. All research enumerators and assistants will undergo thorough training to avoid the possibility of mistakes and errors.

The findings of the study will assist people in undertaking the process of first home buying and solving the prospective challenges. INTRODUCTION Background Buying a home is a complicated process involving many procedures and regulations regarding real estate, terms and the challenges which need to be addressed. Understanding the modern state of the real estate market and why these challenges are real is a major first step to a victorious home purchase. Many people have not been able to buy a home even when they have the money just because they lack a general knowledge concerning real estates and this has prompted research which is aimed at seeing more people own their homes.

Mostly, the research targets those people who have already owned houses for the first time as the respondents. They will provide a general experience and the challenges they faced and how they dealt with them. The findings will then be documented and made available to all people. Problem statement The immediate challenges and complexities in the real estate have hindered people from owning homes and this has led to increased poverty and social class differences.

Many authors and researchers have said that such processes involved can be much confusing without proper research. Adam Leitman Bailey says that first home buyers ought to be prepared for a long complicated process. He also compares the process of first home buying with one who is riding a bike for the first time. He says that people go out for shopping and spend hours looking for prices of other commodities but no one spends time learning how to buy a home.

Paul Stephenson, the Executive officer of Home Builders Association of Northeast Louisiana, puts it that one of the first main things a first-time buyer should do is to research about the process, acquire knowledge from those with experience and prepare a home buying budget to avoid unwanted shock later in the process.



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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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