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The paper "Identifying and Assessing Training Needs, Designing Learning and Development Program" is a great example of management coursework.   Many of the business organizations nowadays carry out employees’ training programs in order to maintain or even enhance their competitiveness in the market. The business environment keeps changing thus training of employees is inevitable for a business organization to maintain its competitive advantage. Training of sales employees is one of the learning and development need which need to be carried out often to boost the sales volume of an organization. Sales representatives or employees of an organization play a major role in ensuring that the sales target are met.

Identifying and assessing the training need within an organization is one of the major challenges for managers. Moreover, the managers of an organization are required to design learning and development programs in order to make the training process effective. In order to ensure that the training program is successful, some of the critical factors such as the availability of resources need to be considered. However, there are other training programs such as e-learning which can be utilized to make the sales training program successful.

Learning and developing within an organization is an appropriate method for organizations to maintain or enhance their competitiveness. Identifying and Assessing Training Needs Identifying and assessing the need for sales training is one of the fundamental aspects of ensuring that the organization remains competitive. Identifying the training needs of sales employees is sometimes simple while in another time it can be more involving thus taking a lot of time to identify training needs. Assessing the performance of sales employees within a certain period of time enables managers to identify training needs for sales employees.

If the sales employees are not performing to the expected standard, the management team needs to analyze the task and skills needed to determine whether training is necessary. The managers or training coordinators need to identify suitable training which would effectively close the gap between the prevailing skills level and the skills needed to attain standard needed (Training and Assessing). Managers of an organization can rely on various signals to identify and assess training needs for the sales employees.

One of the signals which can enable managers to identify the need for training of sales personnel is the decrease in the quality of services provided by the sales employees. If the company receives many complaints from customers concerning sales employees, it is evident that the quality of services provided by sales employees has declined and need to be enhanced through establishment and implementation of an effective training program. Failure to meet sales target is another signal indicating the need for training of sales employees (Tuomo 282). Customers will usually shun from purchasing products of companies whose sales employees do not provide effective services.

Comparison of the sales volume budgeted and sales volume attained will indicate the need for sales employees training. However, other environmental factors such as competition, economic, socio-cultural among others need to be considered while comparing the budgeted sales volume and actual sales volume within a certain period of time (Training and Assessing). Rate of complaints from members of staffs concerning sales employees can also be used to identify the need for training. Sales employees need to relate with other employees in the most effective manner to avoid inter-departmental conflicts.

Increase in inter-departmental conflicts is an indication that effective training is needed for sales employees so as to maintain or even maintains the productivity of the organization in question. In a business organization, all departments are interrelated thus they need to work together to boost the performance of the organization as a whole. Departments within an organization should not compete with one another but they need to work together to attain the common organizational goal. As a result, failure to inform sales employees concerning this fact may lead to conflicts among departments thus deteriorating the production of an organization.

Besides, increased conflicts among sales employees is an indication that an effective training program needs to be established and implemented. Sales employees need to be trained on how to interact with their fellow employees in order to prevent conflicts within the department. Moreover, the employees need to be trained concerning effective ways of solving conflicts (Training and Assessing).

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