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The paper 'Learning for Business Success' is a good example of a Business Assignment. Personal Development Plan (PDP) is a very important tool for my professional career. It will help me think about my own learning, performance, and achievements and to plan for my career, educational and personal development. It will enable me to be aware of how I am progressing and help me identify areas of concern to my tutors as well as demonstrate to prospective employers that I have acquired ways that make me focused, well-motivated, and desirable. My Personal Development Plan is explained in detail and is relevant to my first-year study at the university.

It shows my strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, key areas that need development, objectives to be achieved, and an action plan (Rees & Porter 2008). SWOT Analysis One of my strengths is having excellent cognitive skills. I can be able to integrate new information as I am taught and this creates successful learning. I have the ability to think critically, analyze, and synthesize information and I can identify assumptions and evaluate statements. Cognitive abilities are important in enabling goal-oriented behavior like planning and executive a goal (Cottrell 2010). The second strength is great presentation skills which are portrayed in the way I show and explain the content of a subject to an audience in an excellent way.

I can use visual aid like PowerPoint, charts, and hand-outs in a presentation very comfortably. Anyone who is looking forward to working as a professional needs to possess presentation skills, as he will be required to come up with a presentation during a meeting. A good presentation defines an individual’ s character as a professional and boosts a person’ s level of confidence (Cameron 2009). The third strength is good communication skills; I can use written and oral to communicate ideas across, express myself, and to connect with other people.

Good communication is important in building an effective and cohesive team. It is also essential in managing team members’ performance and the industrial problem risks developing in the workplace can be minimized. Good communication is also needed in building and maintaining effective relationships with clients and suppliers, handling customer complaints effectively, and getting rid of negative word-of-mouth about the organization.

The assessment of effective marketing campaigns can be drawn on communication skills (Lee-Davies (2007). The fourth strength is excellent IT skills shown in my ability to type very well, use application software without a problem, conduct research on the internet, and download programs. IT skills are an important and valuable asset needed in the business world. For someone to achieve maximum output from the resources available, knowing how to manage money, employees, and operating tools, basic computing skills are very essential.

Many common goals that businesses strive to achieve cannot be achieved in the time needed without technologies. Having these skills will enable one to be competitive in the job market (Cameron 2009). Team-working skills are the fifth strength, portrayed in my ability to listen to other people’ s ideas, interact, discuss and pose questions to others, respect and help others, share ideas and findings, and participate in a group project. Teamwork is important for the success of any team or organization. According to Engleberg & Wynn (2003), people who share a common vision, goals, and interact verbally and physically at an interdependence level create a productive team.

A task in hand becomes successful when everyone involved in combining their efforts. Teamwork being a high priority in any setting should be given attention constantly. The last strength is a personal management skill which shows that I have the ability to have control over my motivation, behavior, and attitude. I have self-discipline, good time management, and analytical mind, intelligent and motivated. I also have several weaknesses. The first one is problem-solving and decision making. Sometimes I cannot be able to identify, formulate, and solve problems, generate, and evaluate options.

The second weakness is the lack of sound networking skills shown in my inability to actively seek, identify, and create contacts effectively with other people and maintain them for mutual benefit. The last weakness is numeracy and quantitative skills. I have problems with data analysis and interpretation, the use of business problems, and phenomena models. There are however opportunities that I can explore in the market place. First, there are suitable job vacancies come up every year, and I am confident that I will be employed immediately after college.

Second, companies are re-organizing due to changes in the market place and buying doing so, new openings are created that I can explore. Third, there are gaps and niches that need to be filled and reached. Gaps can be seen in articles and research writing that I can exploit and provide solutions. Fourth, there are sponsorship programs for MBA for students attaining a first-class in their college. This is motivating me to work hard in the university so that I can get a scholarship for my post-graduate degree.

Fifth, many companies are employing interns in order to help them improve their work skills and build work experience. Last, young people are being favored in employment today. Companies need young, active, and fresh talent from the university to work them and make the company grow. Despite the opportunities, there are also threats that exist. First, there may be obsolescence of my skills and knowledge in case the job industry needs other new skills. I may, therefore, be forced to go back to college and learn new skills which may waste time and money.

Second, there may be unfavorable changes in the local and national economic conditions. Due to inflation organizations may focus on cost-cutting, by retrenching people, recruiting a few people or not recruiting at all, or pay new employees low salaries. Areas that need development I have areas that need development. The first is problem-solving and decision-making skills. I need to be able to know tools and techniques that can help me make impossible decisions and solve problems despite their complexity; brainstorming, SWOT Analysis, mind mapping, and preparing plans and instructions for decision making and solving problems.

I would also like to learn other techniques like risk assessments, system diagrams, flow charts, decision trees, concept diagrams, and decision matrices in solving complex problems. I would like to have the ability to solve problems and decisions with confidence. I also would like to understand how a mixture of skills: clarity of judgment, option identifications, effective implementation, creative development, and firmness of decision are related to good decision-making.



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