Essays on Learning in Consumer Behavior Coursework

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The paper "Learning in Consumer Behavior" is a brilliant example of coursework on marketing. Consumer behavior is considered the process leading to the acquisition of products, experiences, and services aimed at satisfying certain individual needs (Solomon 1994). Form previous readings I deduce that consumer behavior revolves around the understanding of why, when, where, how, how often, how much, use or dispose of goods, services or experience. This reflects that consumer behavior is influenced by several factors categorized as the consumer’ s culture, psychological factors, the decision-making process, and the consumer behavior outcomes as the cultural environment (Kardes, Kardes, Cronley, Cronley, Cline & Cline 2010).

Experience from my course work underlines external factors such as money or the purchasing power as determinants of the decisions that consumers make as well as their motivation to purchase or experience a service. Reflection on the First Assignment Reflecting from the first assignment’ s experience, I find the issue of consumer behavior rather complex because of the factors that need to be understood in order to be able to predict and ascertain the behavior of a consumer. In my first assignment, I focused on bringing to forth the relevance of consumer behavior in the context of the entire process of marketing goods or services to consumers.

I learned that marketers targeting to manipulate or exploit consumer behaviors apply knowledge on consumer behavior. Although it was easy to understand how marketers study and apply consumer behavior in developing marketing strategies or campaigns, I fail to connect the definition of consumer behavior provided by some scholars with the practical application of the concept. For example, Solomon (1994) defines consumer behavior as a process through which consumers access goods and services, purchase or experience in a move to meet their needs.

On the contrary, I am pushed to believe that focus on the drive or motivation to purchase or experience service provides a better perspective in understanding the issue of consumer behavior. I tried to elucidate the manner in which companies or individuals charged with the responsibility of ensuring goods and services provided get the right reception in the market by focusing on the mix applied in marketing campaigns. From the assignment, I conducted an extensive review of various scholarly materials read in this course, out of which I deduced that evaluation of consumer behavior takes a central stage when strategizing a marketing campaign.

I applied different examples to explain how a proper understanding of targeted consumers’ behavior may greatly influence the ability of a company to market its products to such consumers. Consumer purchase decision is bolstered by the ability of a given product or service to measure up to the money value invested by the buyer.  

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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