Essays on Perspectives and Concepts for the Career Assignment

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The paper "Perspectives and Concepts for the Career " is a wonderful example of a Management Assignment. The greatest desire of anyone who enrolls for graduate study is to be able to scale higher positions in one's career, improve on personal development and be a holistic thinker who can see and offer a solution to societal and organizational problems. Under each course, there are numerous units taught so as to build ones thinking. This paper exposes my knowledge and what I learnt in strategic business planning unit. To indulge in this, I will review and appraise my own participation and contribution in the class and to my group.

Moreover, I will state what I learned and their significance, how I can apply the theoretical concepts, how my assumptions and perspectives have changed and how I can apply the concepts learned to my life and future career. My Contribution to Class and Group Activities One thing that I have to note is that in most of our class sessions, I was not an active participant. This is based on my personality of being a person who likes to listen rather than speak especially in a crowd.

According to my self-reflection, I am a pragmatic person yet I do not like to socialize much and maintain a safe distance from others. I do better if the theory and the practice are clearly defined as any task at hand. Too much waffle often throws me to the switch off mode and I feel less efficient due to this. However, as a result of not having that oratory power, I compensate it with practical and written materials.

Thus, my most contribution would be in written format and when practical solutions where required. While the learning at class was learner-centered, interactive and problem-based, the feeling within me of senior and junior in terms of the instructor and the students made me shy off at a time. To me, in my group activities, I feel I did exceptionally well. This is because in the group we were average in number and thus, I was able to develop close working rapport. Based on my learning style of a hands-on person, I was able to fit into my group well.

In addition, I achieve the anticipated results even though I found it difficult in the start. Moreover, at the group level, my interpersonal skills and leadership style worked for me. I find it easy to give concrete examples to my team in order to resolve a situation. This works for me all the time and makes me gain greater influence and everyone sees how effective my ideas can be. To me, practically tackling the problem makes the tasks less difficult and the environment more appealing and conducive to getting good results.

Further, what made me feel at home and contribute much to the group activities is the feel of equality. This is opposed to the whole class that I felt there was a unidirectional source of information. Insights Gained and their Significance The first important knowledge that I gained is what it takes to be a successful manager at any level. A manager or a consultant ideally faces two forms of environment, the first is internal and the second is the external one. According to organizational theories of the population ecology and the institutional theory, an organization has to adapt or be selective.

It is in this organizational theory that a manager has to base his/her decisions and skills so as to direct the organization towards its goals and objectives. During the program, I learned the various categories of approaches, tools, and skills required by a manager so as to be competent.

Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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