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The paper “ Principles of Marketing” is a bright variant of the assignment on marketing. The journal deals with marketing as a process and how the customers can be kept interested in a brand or a product that is offered by a business (Armstrong et al 4). Taking the case example of Coca-Cola, it has been argued that value creates a culture within the customers and therefore customers get attached to both the brand and the product. As a consumer, I tend to purchase products depending on the value and price that it is sold at.

Considering the value, the customer feedback on the review determines whether I can purchase the product or not, and if it satisfies my needs. My impressions about marketing are that marketing has to consider the quality and how a product satisfies the needs of consumers. This, in my experience, has been considered by reputable companies like Coca-Cola by creating value-driven products for their customers. In the business sphere, marketing involves the creation, communication, delivery, and offer exchange processes that are valuable for the customers or clients. Since these are processes, they are integrated to satisfy the human needs through quality, satisfaction, and value creation all of which define the experiences of the customers (Armstrong et al 5).

Through developing a market-driven marketing strategy, the marketing process constructs a program that delivers superior value building profitable relationships that decide how the customers perceive the products and services offered to them. Week 2Developing successful partnerships and relationships in a market environment requires strategic planning which should consider the mission, objectives, and goals for the business, business portfolio, and planning marketing (McDonald 86).

Moreover, the product and market expansion are hinged against market penetration, product and market development, and diversification all of which work together to enhance the growth of a business. Amazon offers a range of goods and services to customers worldwide even though it does not necessarily produce them. The company serves as a link between manufacturers and consumers by providing a purchase platform where customers can search and place orders which are then delivered to the various destinations as it suits the customers.


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Download full paperFile format: .doc, available for editing
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